Microsoft forcing Vista on consumers ?

Recently i saw this article in the news.

Sad part is that it is mostly true because of the simple fact that Redmond has a Monopoly and massive bargaining power resulting in most good new laptops being hardwired for Vista without leaving the customer a scope for a downgrade to good old xp.

Worse is that most people i know have been traumatized or had horrid experiences with Vista. Vista is a junkpile and MS knows it, no wonder they are planning to launch Midora ( most likely inspired by kde )(which has been fully supported by Nokia – the largest mobile manuf. co in the world ) 

Read Windows Vista a failure ?

My friend bought a Toshiba laptop from the US and strangely he could not find any laptop that offered xp or even allowed a customer to downgrade to xp. Sadly he can neither downgrade or format the PC to accept Xp without using a roundabout method that includes procuring a portable floppy drive having hdd drivers  to circumvent the lack of drivers. The question here is why is toshiba giving its customers so much unnecessary pain when there are no benefits from this stupidity ? Tell me – is this not a dirty Redmond push tactic ?

That guy is so pissed that more than 2/3 or his ram (2gb) gets gobbled up by vista that he makes vain attempts of trying different versions of vista just so that his machine works faster. Overall this will lead to more customer dissatisfaction and loss of sales as the more savvy user will prefer procuring a cheaper laptop or an alternative.


10 thoughts on “Microsoft forcing Vista on consumers ?

  1. One of my friend had a Toshiba laptop and she was so pissed of all the time because of Vista. I saw the condition of her laptop and it was pitiable. I could not understand that how can a company thrust such a third grade product on people, that too knowing that its going to hurt them in the long run.

  2. True amit
    but toshiba is not alone – thanks to the monopoly bargaining most others including bigwigs do the same

    Its almost impossible to get a lappy without vista in the USA as it is in most other countries.

    Only a few country s like France and a few scandavian countries have decent regulation to prevent such nuisance

  3. You have read Xylene’s crap about Vista? It made him to add something to his will 😛
    I am switching to Linux, most probably Ubuntu 🙂 And I recommended it to all who are pissed off about MS.

  4. One of the reasons why I switched to Apple was this. There are just no laptops available with Windows XP anymore. Vista cannot be downgraded without ruining everything and that operating system in itself is crap.

  5. Vista sucks, even today, with all the “fixes” programs constantly crash, even MICROSOFTS ERROR REPORTING SERVICE CRASHES, LOL

    And when I tried to downgrade my vista ULTIMATE, I was told by the lady on the phone when I went to activate my XP version, that I didn’t have a valid XP KEY. She SAID I NEED TO PAY FOR A VALID XP KEY.



    But in all REALITY, you cannot, you MUST PURCHASE a 150$ COPY OF A VALID XP.

    How is this a downgrade, or how is this considered NOT charging me for the downgrade, (like they advertise users of vista premium can apparently do for “free”)

    Microsoft is an over-grown beast that needs its head chopped off and split into two competing companies.

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