Apple Iphone Officially launches in India today!

The Apple Iphone has officially launched in India today . Will it generate mass hysteria as it did when it was first launched in the Us or will it be just another cool toy in the hands of rich and famous ?

I have been playing with it /checking it out for the last 4/5 days, thanks to a friend who flew in from the us with his latest acquisition, a week ago . Even though i could not test its phone or net capabilities it still has a lot of cool features – and it is damn easy to use thanks to its crisp touchscreen and its amiable simplistic zen-like apple interphase. Even when locked, this phone is a cool toy and a veritable alternative to the i pod .

But at Rs 31,000 for the 8 GB and Rs 36,100 for the 16GB model the main question is – in India is it worth it ? that when its not that perfect, most of its cool 3g functions will take some time to be useful (as govt is yet to allow it and allot spectrum )  and remember, the worst bit is that it will cost more than twice of what it costs mere morals in the US ie $199 (8 GB) and $299 (16 GB).

So will the aam admi buy it or will it become yet another fashion statement ?

Here’s a review


12 thoughts on “Apple Iphone Officially launches in India today!

  1. Its def not worth it.ABOUT 60% OF the features won’t work in India!!!!.And it will take approx 2 yrs for 3g to come to India.Rather settle for an HTC touch!!!

  2. IT will become fashion statement for sure..
    i still remember when 6600 came many years back at about 25 k.. it was in the hands of every rich man..
    30 k for a mobile is too much…

  3. Nope! Not at all… No java support, no Flash applications support… No way of changing phone numbers … too many issues…
    I wouldn’t want it… I think it’ll be just a toy for the filthy rich!

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