Reliance Big TV DTH Review

Reliance’s DTH service launch was due for a very long time, as the ADA group company delayed and postponed its launch a couple of times. Touted as the big launch of Reliance into the DTH market – Bluemagic or Big as it is called now was launched into the market with a whimper and hardly any advertising and worse the packages announced weren’t eye popping or stunning as they did not differ much from their opponents.

The box is compact and similar  to a Strong fta box, and the biggest advantage is that they have composite output to attach to more modern tvs or lcds.

The the remote is similar Dish tv in size but smaller than that of Tata sky (almost all of them are based on the UK Bskyb)

from IBF site

Reliance iptv remote / which has slightly more functions

The positives being use of  MPEG-4 technology to transmit a signal on the transponders of Satellite –  Measat 3. They can crunch a lot more channels in the available capacity saving Reliance added costs. It also means better picture quality better interactivity and a more powerful chip used to decode the signal than the ones used by tatasky and zee (still MPEG-2 ).

Launch offers seems attractive and at the first instance seems much better than competition including Tatasky especially for people not viewing English or Sports channels, but there is fine print which says – All Launch offers are on rental basis which is a deceptive statement to make. On giving the Helpline a call they clarified that the rental is actually the subscription fee for the duration of the launch offer.

Big TV 1490+1000 = 2490 onwards

Starterpacks : Popular pack133 Rs 200/ Premium pack146 Rs 265 / Max pack158 Rs 405

TATA SKY 1499+1000 (stb + installation)

DISH TV  = 3990 including 12 month subs of maxi pack of 140 channels or 18 mths of freedom plus

Monthly Subscription

People have the lurking fear of what the channels will cost once the offer ends its term. The breaking up of channels into smaller base packages starting from 44 channels  for Rs 100 – unlike dish tv or tatasky whose base packs start at 100+ channels. This makes little difference cause most of the channels people actually want to see are in the tier 3 onwards, as in the recommended India pack starting at Rs 290 , but still giving the customer better in terms of content than Tatasky. The helpline also stated that u could renew the starter packs at rates mentioned above.

i see no change in this bundle them all attitude until CAS is introduced into the DTH by TRAI. The fact still remains that for a cost conscious consumer, the local cable guy offers the best deal ( if he can offer good service ) , and thanks to CAS he still beats all DTH operators hands down. Worse the Big tv website doesn’t give you specifics about the content of the base packs, something i found at a dealer somewhere at Lamington Rd and am posting below chk out AAG

Starter Pack 3: 93 channels @ Rs. 175/-

Regional Pack: 3 channels @ Rs. 30/- mostly  Etv + Zee regional tv

Top Ups: @ Rs. 25/-
. News Plus: 3 channels CNN ZEE?  ZEE ?
. Hindi Movie Plus: 3 channels Filmy, Zee Cinema, Zee Premier
. Elite Plus: 3 channels BBC, Zee Cafe, Zee Trends
. English Movie Plus: 3 channels HBO, World Movies, Zee Studio
. Kids Plus: 3 channels Hungama, Cartoon NW and Pogo
. Uni Plus: per channel Star Cricket or 10 Sports or Zee TV

. Sports Plus: 2 channels @ Rs. 40/- Star Sports, ESPN or Neo Sports n Cricket

reliance packs
reliance packs

More interactive stuff / Pay per view

I think they will be featuring a whole lot of pay per view movies and interactive channels thanks to the entry of Reliance into the movie business. The cost per movie will be 50 hindi/60 english in comparison to tatas 75 for hindi. What content they push is something yet to be guaged.

Service : Currently Service is not yet up to the mark and their service numbers are sometimes jammed, worse getting a human on the other end of the line is even more difficult . In certain places people have complained about delay in installation something even tata and zee customers faced in the launch phase.

Summing it up

Reliance offer seems quite good at face value that is if u can get over the Reliance ADA name and will be a serious competition to the reigning leader tata sky if they manage to get their act together by especially getting over their innitial problems and service issues such as installation delays, thanks to the intelligent structuring of the packages.

Tata sky anticipating the challenge has done a mini advert ramp-up of sorts roping in glam power of Aamir Khan in Ardhnari add touting Reliable technology and Sonali Bendre and child star Darshil to promote it, but will it work as more competitiors are set to enter the arena in the near future?


27 thoughts on “Reliance Big TV DTH Review

  1. ppl shud ask for the complete roll out of CAS regime in all the areas. CAS has better options than DTH.

    if the consumers dont get the option of choosing a channel, n end up paying for the bouquet then what is the advantage of dth ovr cable except for clarity. even cable operator gv clarity if u ask for stb from him.

    suggestion to tri to ask DTH service providers, to do the following for betterment of dth viewership. the same also applies to CAS operators.

    1) for dth or even CAS to succeed in its true sense, they shud gv consumers option to select an individual channels instead of bouquet and charged individually i.e. to select individual channels, say 5-6 channels, instead of full bouquet of 25 channels.

    2) further channel groups shudnt discourage consumers going for individual channels like eg, if complete star package consisting of say 15 channels is charged for Rs. 75/- (ie Rs. 5/- per channel). now if some1 wants to see popular individual channels like star plus only, then star shudnt b allowed to charge more than Rs. 10 (i.e. double of avg Rs. 5) for its popular channel. else they might charge rs. 30 for one channel and 75 for bouquet of 15 channels. this restrictive practice shud b checked.

    3) Set top Box of one DTH service operator does not allow customers to watch or to switch to the other operator, eg dishtv to tata sky or from dd direct plus to dishtv, etc. It should be stopped and STB should be made common for all operators or at least interchangeable.

    4) All FTA channels should be shown by all the operators and bare minimum subscription,if any, only should be charged by private operators for customers. so customers wanting to see only FTA channels alongwith 8-10 pay channels, dont hv to pay for all other irrelevant channels.

  2. Hi All,

    I request all the readers to never ever take the “Reliance BIG TV” connection.
    I can say this is one of the worst out of the worst company/service that I have ever seen.

    I am more than 100% dissatisfied with the services/customer support that has been provided by Reliance BIG TV group. (sorry, actually there is no service from customer care end at all.)

    If anybody wants to know my experience, for further details, I will be happy to assist all of you and will be more happy if asap the company/service will be closed.

    Akhilesh Gupta

  3. thanx Prax. I want to convey my feelings/views to all the consumers for their own benefits. n I tried to mail to all the concerned authorities in this regard. but without success. if some1 provide email ids of trai, tdsat, min of info & broadcasting, delhi hc,etc. it vl b helpful.

    delhi HC is silent on its own order for implementation of CAS. After part implementation of the same in some areas of 4 metros in Dec. 2006 (!), CAS was stopped by channels citing the reasons of shortage of stb. but dth players r coming in lots (they dont find shortage of stb now for dth).
    co-existence of CAS and DTH is important n competition is beneficial for customers. thanx.

  4. The Reliance BIG TV is another step forwarded in the direction of providing DTH service to the customer’s, but is it really beneficial to customers because as far as DTH service is concerned the Ku band signal causes freezing in channels in Bad weather, therefore is it superior to the services that is provided by HITS, came out by WWIl.

  5. The worst customer service and the worst product is big tv for installation they took 1 week , that too we pressure them to do it,within 3 weeks it got disconnected no display of picture, when we complained they said they will do it in 48 hrs 4 days gone still now they didnt clear the problem, I do no wats the sick problem with them.So who r trying to buy big tv pls dont go for it please buy sum other like dish tv r tata sky.This problem is not for me alone, its for all who bought with me and sum of friends who bought it.So please dont go for big tv, its useless of money

  6. My sincere advise to all….DO NOT buy Reliance BIG TV connection. I am really frustrated with their customer service or I should say ‘non existent custoomer service’ It is exactly 20 days today since I bought the connection but it has not been installed yet. Everytime you call them, standard reply is that they will forward an email to their backend to do the installation. I went to return the equipment for a refund, but they are refusing to even refund my money. If anyone has contact info of authorities who govern DTH in India, please let me know.

  7. I wish their service delivery is as aggressive as their advertisements. BIG TV’s service is pathetic to say the least. I waited and went for BIG TV only to be disappointed. Bad customer support and callous attitude. I’ve sent repeated mails and no one had the courtesy to speak on a problem which is an internal process failure in BIG TV. Wonder if these guys are interested in retaining customers!!

    I had to wait for eternity to get the connection installed. Called n times at odd hours and a totally disorganised operation. Wonder if this is the best that the ADAG group can deliver. Shame on Indian industry.

    If they are, they will look up their database and call the owner of Smartcard id 200591 180821 in Bangalore.


  8. This is make you aware of harrowing experience I am going through after installing Reliance Big TV. My set-up box is not working since 7 days with no solution in sight. I suggest each one of us should avoid Big TV.

    I purchased the set-up box from one of Reliance shops at Forum mall, Bangalore around 45 days back. After repeted follow-ups to their call center (they gave me one number to follow up), they sent two idiots (they did not had even the basic tools) to get the installation done. Finally they came after good 15 days after putting the request. They did a very shody job in fixing the dish but I was fine as atleast it stated working.

    Now, here is the main problem I am going through:
    The set-up box is not working (although signal is fine from dish). I gave the complain on 18th oct (already 7 days over) and almost daily following up through their call center (10 min waiting time atleast). They are least bothered to fix the problem. They give a false stme that “we are working on it”. They have not cared to call me or send any technician to fix the problem. They just say it will be fixed “as soon as possible”. When I ask them to forward the call to supervisor they just hang up the phone. They don’t have any office in B’lore where I can go.
    I have already threatened them that I will take it up through the consumer forum, but who is bothered?

    Looks like I have to forget my investment of around 3000/- and look for alternative DTH.

  9. Like all i will also request all not to take big tv connection.I was very much happy with cable connection but after taking big tv connection i am in trouble nither go to cable man nor having full channels of stater pack 3. In spite of repeated request to customer care nothing is done only i got two complaint numbers.You will not belive that complaint is being closed not attending the problem and on complaint again new complaint number is given.I do not know how i will cancell my big tv connection.Here is the example of worst customer care of an worse company.Its names should entered limcs book as worse customer care dept.By paying full amount i am not getting service. Can anybody tell how can i cancell my connection.

  10. this is the complaint i wrote to bigtv. still no response.
    I regret to say that as a customer i had a big disappointment when i purchased your bigtv with lot of expectations.
    For the past few weeks i am experiencing lot of inconveniences due to the following.
    1. There was lot of interrupts when watching the tv spoiling the entire mood of the viewer of the tv show.
    2. When as a customer when i tried and call your only toll free number ( i donot know why you are not even bothered to provide more than one number) i could not reach you even after foolishly trying for more than TEN hours
    3. Even when i tried the chargeable number, i went mad when the recorded voice repeatedly asked me to wait for more than 30 minutes several times. I have to waste my money by paying this calls several times only to know that no person is going to take care of what is going on.
    4. Can’t you atleast have more than one customer care executives to attend the phone?
    5. After trying for more than 48 hours i have been advised to sit before TV and call again. My request to send a person was denied apruptly even when i told that i could not reach this customer care division for the past two days.
    6. After sitting before TV blank screen as a real mad person i tried again several times the chargeable call ( again the toll free number was busy) agreed to register my complaint as 88039279.
    7. After 10 hours a person came and attended the tv and told there will be no problem again. But after he left within two hours again My wife is calling me that there was the same problem.
    8. My wife frustrated and went back to her parent’s home because of my inability to restore the TV CONDITION AFTER THREE DAYS STRUGGLE.
    9. When i called again after several times, i have been told as usual to stand before tv and remove the sim card and re-insert the card.
    10. Whether you think the customer is really insane or idiot, please donot play the recorded voice saying that bigtv is the best while the customer waits for registering the complaint which makes frustration.
    11. Don’t you think it is hightime you should value the customer feedback and get necessary infrastructure to reach out the customer in need and make a periodical followups?
    12. If you refuse to give the local service station address nor local number or more than one tollfree number or more than one chargeable number, do you think the customer will recommend you among his neighbourhood as best tv? after frustrated calls and ended up with bitter experience?
    13. Either make up some speedy remedies or not only i stop my renewal after the end of this annual, but i will be forced to take my grievance to the public by all ways.
    14. I am really disappointed for the past few days experience and please understand the customer feelings. i really did not mean to use strong abusive words. but donot force me to do so.
    15. Once again. i advise to refine your system and first stop the recorded voice saying that bigtv is the best when a customer tries to reach the customer care to lodge complaint. You can play that recorded voice after making the tv work upto the customer satisfaction.
    16. Come out from the closed rooms and hear the customer cries.

  11. Thanks guys for your posts. I better stay away from Big TV. Till date I lack only clarity in my TV but with these problems I will end up with no clarity in life.


  12. Worst possible people working in BigTv Bangalore the Eg. is as below:

    This is to bring to your kind notice that one of your executive has miss behaved with me by using bad words which relates to my mother. I will ask you one question is this the way that you people behave with the customers? I was enquiring about the recharge, I recharged at 9.00 PM of Rs.200 there was a difference of Rs.10. At the initial phase of our conversation he was rude I asked him, is this the way you speak. Then he started abuse me like anything.

    Is there any thing that you can do regarding this or else I have to take some action with Costumer Court, so that some who can help me. I have called between 9.12 Pm to 9.15 PM on June 24, 2009 that is time of conversation. I called from my land line 080-23371****& opted the language Kannada, I request you to trace the call & give the expatiation.

    Mobile No. 988*****
    Name: Srinivas.R

    Awating for your speedy reply.

    Thanks & Regards,


    1. Srinivas it seems u dont have a clue to how the net works
      or a good touch of spoken english
      if u have a problem with big tv cotact them
      and u are free to complain in consumer court
      this is the wrong place to complain


  14. reading at all the posts, i find that whether its govt operators or private operators, all r same. before this free economy came, v were blaming only govt service providers but even privatisation has not improved our customer satisfaction.
    so need to strengthen the consumer forums like courts, etc.

  15. sir, my name is mahesh, i have a big t v connection. last 16th i report a complant – signal lost. then outomatecaly it correct. then the technical gays interect me and i tell my problems are solved. then 23ed i pay rs200 but my 175 rupees tranfered to technical section. after 23 my chanels are blocked. then i cal customer care more then 12 times. every time they told me it is companys falt and your get back to my accout with in 24 hours every time they told 24hours but the till time i have not get my mony to my account . i interect more than 12 people. pls take solution


  16. I have no seen such a pathatic service like relience big tv. customer care is not responding at all.if this continious we all should go to consumer protection cell and sue reliance big tv .

  17. Don’t even think of going for Big TV unless you don’t want a connection. They are totally useless people. I booked a HD connection a month back the fellow from Rayan Enterprise came in the next day to collect the amount Rs. 5500/- (Should be only 4999/-) and gave me a scratch card of free Big tv and said the installation guys will come the next day to install. I called them almost 5 times a day for 15 days but no one ever came. Then one fine day a guy comes with the set top box and says he is here only to deliver and the installation guys will follow. But no one has ever come for a month. Now though after reminding everyday since then the guys refuses to give me a refund. And if i call the reliance help line they say i should go to the address on the reciept and take the refund. They can’t do much about it. It is a scam.


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