A Wednesday Movie Review

I was drawn to see this movie thanks to Amits review, and i must say i am not disappointed.

This is a fantastic, intelligent movie and i am astonished by the quality of work done by the newcommer writer/director Neeraj Pandey. Being a Mumbaikar, though i can find max – half a dozen flaws / holes in the story, i must agree to one thing – this is one of the rare few movies from bollywood like Sholay and Gunda that has potential to achieve cult status .

The movie, based on a terror plot is a fast paced suspense, giving the audience little time to think or guess.  The storyline and direction is amazing, so is the casting . I found Deepal Shaw quite convincing as the newsreporter, dont forget the great acting by more seasoned actors such as Naseruddin Shah, Anupam Kher, and Jimmy Shergill.

This movie has a strong message to everyone and  hey this is a Must See.  My Ratings 4.5/5 or 9+/10


7 thoughts on “A Wednesday Movie Review

  1. balu
    Yes – rock on seems to be a good movie too especially for the teens and young at heart

    dinu n nita – true
    nita im thinkg of escaping mumbai as on the 7th day there was so much tamasha from two sides thanks to competing mandals that i almost went nuts

  2. Prerna, A Wednesday for me. I think I will avoid King Lear. The only “bad” movies I can enjoy are the funny ones. If King Lear purports to be serious and is bad, I think I will have to walk out.
    Prax, guess if you are living near a mandal, that’s a wise decision.

  3. Prerna , thats for u to decide but i think both subjects are very close to ur heart , that from visiting ur blog for the better part of last yr

    To a certain extent i agree with Nita

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