Delhi Blasts and Threat to Mumbai on Ganesh Chaturthi

Another bunch of blasts in Delhi, another terror strike and a Central govt that has simply shut its eyes on the threat posed by Islamic terrorists and their thriving sleeper cells. Thankfully, the bombs are not yet that sophisticated and some of them have been / are being defused in time by Cops, NSG and Defence Bomb Squad.

New Delhi Rocked by Blasts in 3 Markets; 18 Killed (Update1)

People lay in a pool of blood: Witness

The Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil has said that people should maintain calm and social harmony and understanding.  “Let us jointly fight the tragedy,” he said. Well he also had the time to change his suits 3 times during the whole mess, as noted by many media personnel.

Ndtv notes that after Iraq and Afghanistan, India has maximum civilian casualties in bomb blasts.

What about the People who are being caught up in the blasts ? Is the govt not slacking in ensuring personal safety of its common citizens while strengthening their own security ? In Mumbai when a person leaves his house there is no guarantee that he will come back home safe . The political class roams around with a 3 layer security payed for by taxpayer money. Worse there is little change in the Govts attitude as Modi had warned the Center with specific intelligence about Delhi being the next target after the Blasts and Bombs galore in Gujrat.

Pakistan has condemned the Delhi blasts, but one shouldn’t forget that even Gen. Kayani might have known about the kabul embassy blasts.

The email from Indian Mujaheddin this time is speculated to has come from govandi a chembur office. Ndtv even relayed their mail with older email addresses and passwords something they are stating as proof of their genuineness . Lets see if Looks like this one has been tracked to someone’s unsecured /hacked office network and mostly yet again this could be one more misuse of wep or unsecured  Wifi point .

Funny, NDTV and its big talking Barkha questions –  Is it safe for people to venture out of their homes, no talk of resilience this time ??

Now for its ramifications on Mumbai.

Mumbai is celebrating both Ganapati festival and Ramzan. Tomorrow is Ganesh Visargan – The last day of the Ganesh festival and we will see waves of people flocking roads leading beaches like Girgaum chowpatty , Juhu and Dadar chowpatty, and this will be the biggest challange to the local security apparatus.


10 thoughts on “Delhi Blasts and Threat to Mumbai on Ganesh Chaturthi

  1. Prax, I would like to reply to your comment on Nita’s post here if you dont mind.

    Yes, I believe that Hindutva breeds the Mujahideen and vice versa, both are perversions of faith.

    The lack of justice you mentioned for the Mumbai blasts victims is despicable, but what about the lack of justice for the 1000 ( 750 Muslim and 250 Hindu.) victims of the Gujarat riots ? Apart from the Bilkis Bano and Best Bakery cases was there any semblance of justice ? The Gujarat riots are as despicable as the ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits, but one cannot justify the other.

    And when the government tries to heal these wounds, the right wing starts shouting ‘appeasement’. I dont see how rehabilitating our own citizens who were affected by a severe tragedy can ever be ‘appeasement’.

    What exactly does the right wing mean when you say, the ‘government is too soft‘ ? The POTA, AFSPA act are against our country’s Constitution and people’s basic rights, are you opposed to that too ? How would you feel if your brother was arrested and kept behind bars without any evidence ?

    Its the true Indians like me and my mom, people who consider themselves lucky that they can enjoy so many different cultures that have to suffer from this bigotry.

    I hope you think with an open mind. 🙂

    Jai Shree Ram.

  2. I have an open mind do u ?
    I think turning ur comment on its head makes more sense to me, because since a very long time hindus have always reacted.

    Muhajids and tabligis and talibanis and wahabis have other reasons too for breeding – a pan islamic caliphate and u cant deny that…
    Neither can u deny the strong sense in some local islamists of the craving to rule this nation as in old times …

    First there is a lot of injustice as the legal system has crumbled in this country and i blame the secular bunch of politicians for this and for their interference in allowing and continuing the hegemony of the radical bunch over the muslim minions .
    By ur arguement
    tell me do the victims of the 94 and other blasts go terrorising people living in temkar street and behrampada or memon colony or muslim majority areas as revenge ?
    Does that mean that all people who have faced injustice start taking up guns and detonate bombs ? Second do hindus whose ancestors have faced hardship and debilitating taxes forced conversions and inhuman behavior of Muslim rulers start getting militant against muslims ?

    Do u know how many temples over centuries have been converted forcefully to mosques? Hindus have always got an open mind but do Muslims? who Ghetto votes and who votes with an open mind ?

    The Ayodya movement didn’t just happen due to hindutvawad and it was not all uneducated masses – there were intelligent itt going people and college students who also joined it mainly because they felt injustice to hindus in this nehruvian pseudo secular setup…
    Remember what Rajiv had said and done??
    and all that to for just 1 hindu temple out of several thousands that had been prev destroyed, And this is not a new conflict it dates back to 1528 A.D., the year when Mir Baqi, a Muslim General in Moghul Emperor Babur’s army, dismantled an 11th-century Hindu temple(disputed but still temple nonetheless). Before the 1940s, the Mosque was called Masjid-i Janmasthan. wiki
    the court cases were going on since before independence … The mosque was and still is a symbol for Islams conquest over India .

    You havent studied Islams that well and have according to me a very steriotypical english media hyped warped view, go read about the tolerant islam in spain and that bread modernism in europe and about Cordoba and Al-Andalus, and Andalusian Islamic philosophy how it met with demise due to the Crusades and the Radicals of the caliphate

    Remember the current bunch of islamists in india are being guided by wahabi philosophy
    though i also agree the sense of injustice does add to the foot soldiers of the jihadi movement.

    on Gujrat
    First there was talk of a genocide of muslims from the likes of seetalvaad which was utter crap –
    thankfully you have stated that both hindus and mslims died . if u talk stats u have to take ratio of dead : % total population % of hindu: muslim population and also hindu : Muslim deaths. One musn’t forget that the causa proxima was the needless Burning of the godhra train. The court cases are still going on and the fact that the supreme court has intervened shows that there is still some semblance and faith in the justice system.
    There was politics on both sides both for the appeasement of their minions the center and laloo for muslim – and modi for hindutva vadis.

    Compare that to Islamists neighbors we have Bangladesh or Islamic republic of pakistan with India
    hindu : muslim population at independence and now – and u will get the picture

    why was Tasleema treated in such a foul manner by a secular party like the congress and an atheist party like the communists ?
    and do read her book stating the massacre of hindus and loss of secularism in bangladesh …

    my response to u

    Its the true Indians like me and my mom
    so was Veer savarkar a true indian? was Gandhi a true indian ? was Godse a true indian
    How can u quantify?

    And when the government tries to heal these wounds, the right wing starts shouting ‘appeasement’. I dont see how rehabilitating our own citizens who were affected by a severe tragedy can ever be ‘appeasement’.

    can u define/ quantify healing wonds

    and why one sided rehabilitation before elections of states?
    have the sikhs been rehabilitated properly
    have people suffering from the mumbai cloudburst been rehabilitated properly never mind their religion ?
    Has anyone dying in a riot before been properly rehabilitated ?

    What exactly does the right wing mean when you say, the ‘government is too soft‘ ?

    The problem here is govt interference right from the pmo in routine police investigation , the complete fear psycosys in police while dealing with a muslim even if he is a history sheater and a known jihadi.
    Its casual attitude in prosecuting radical jihadis like simi and the support it derives from politicians from the extreme right (islamist) be it the muslim league or the hydrabadi owaisi family party or pdp or the softer mulayam and laloo who have been fully suppporting simi

    and the complete intelligence failure that we are facing and the ability of the terrorists to act at will without fear something that impedes on the basic human rights of every citizen regardless of his religion

    Why is there no implementation and total silence of the supreme court verdict of a death sentence that too after an attack on parliament ?
    Why is there mcocca then in Maharashtra ruled by congress and not in UP or bihar or gujrat if they wanted to enact it ? isnt this a democracy?

    Why does the home minister ferry Madam around when he is supposed to look after internal security of the nation?

    How would you feel if your brother was arrested and kept behind bars without any evidence ?
    Doesnt this routinely happen never mind ur religion – but if u r of a weak economic status ?
    my response
    Bad and id file a habeas corpus in court but not terrorize people
    and in all certainty each and every cop that did such deeds was hauled up in court…in India

    Why do the sleeper cells act so confidently mocking the police at times ?

    Justice is common for all – but i dont see hindus putting bombs in markets to avenge injustice

    i would rather consider prernas method of righting wrongs
    read her post and comments including mine

  3. A lot of what you said I agree with, especially the part about the MCOCA. But we are not Pakistan and we are not Bangladesh, we are a secular, democratic country in which every individual has equal rights. Now if Pak and Bdesh dont follow our values then its their problem not ours. Please dont make such spurious arguments, so if, the Americans start persecuting Indians will that make it okay for us to persecute the Christians too ? Is that rational ?

    Btw, you can see how Pak and Bdesh are paying for their intolerance.

    I never said that putting bombs in markets is justice but that the (detestable) motivation to put the bomb there might come from a perceived lack of justice. It is beyond doubt that the government in Gujarat and most of the police there colluded in the riots, there are entire books on that matter in the library here. So if the Muslims simply want to kill Hindus, why did they only start in 1994, why did they not start before ?

    The rehabilitation was done after the Gujarat elections.

    Your questions about the Sikhs and others not being rehabilitated just underscores my point.

    How do you know that there is a fear psychosis when dealing with Muslims ? Our police were not afraid of shooting 60 Gujjars in affirmative action protests, they shoot Kashmiris daily in Srinagar and you say they are afraid of a poor, illiterate Muslim.

    How do you explain the bomb blasts that occured when the BJP was the party in the Centre ?

    You dont see Hindus putting bombs in markets, but I dont see anyone else apart from the RSS and the VHP provoking people at every instance they can. How would you feel if your city was suffering from an economic blockade by the RSS ?

  4. im sorry i think india is a pseudo secular country

    //How do you explain the bomb blasts that occured when the BJP was the party in the Centre ?//
    be specific which one are u talkg about???
    ps u cant stop them all and the terror attacks in congress times are getting shockingly regular such that noone is shocked anymore

    There is fear psycosis because it shows in the results – which investigation after the 94 blasts has been successfully carried out ?
    u cant go prosecuting every cop who was a part of the old mumbai encounter team
    and that too because of wealth reasons and connection with the underworld…
    Every politician would stand guilty for such a charge
    Read blasts galore – nyways read a comment from shefaly whose secular credentials are impeccable

    //Please dont make such spurious arguments, so if, the Americans start persecuting Indians will that make it okay for us to persecute the Christians too ? Is that rational ?//
    well that was ur argument to start with
    u were leaning upon the injustice suffered by muslims as the cause of the terror attacks
    i was stating plain facts

    rehabilitation was done before Bangalore and some other elections and some by-elections in rajastan and mp if i am not mistaken mainly with an eye on having early central/ general elections if they would have won karnataka …
    get the point ??

  5. Dont put words in my mouth (post), my argument was not that the riots are the specific cause of these blasts, but that they and the events after them (lack of justice, Modi getting elected) stoke the fire and give the extremists a platform to recruit on.

    Your argument is that, ‘The Muslims went around killing people 600 yrs ago, so its okay to murder innocent shop-owners, rape pregnant women”, is that not spurious ? So, if the Brahmins oppressed Dalits for 2 millinea, should the Dalits riot against them and kill innocent Brahmins ?

  6. Lack of justice is a legal problem it is a law and order issue

    Why does one particular section of one particular community deal with it violently using terrorism ?

    U r seriously putting words in my mouth
    my argument is simple , Hindus/ other communities don’t deal with legal problems using organized terror – islamists sometimes do and worse some of them have an agenda of establishing a pan islamic caliphate ruled by stone age shariah laws, and they are even trying it out in some pockets of Kandahar and NWFP and FATA and i dont want that bullshit to breed in India..

    Im not happy with the govt either because of their bad selective appeasement policy which will further the islamist cause by creating more hatred/ and sense of injustice in the majority, creating more hindutvavadis and stifling free thought in the majority community which is rather more dangerous.
    There are many good muslims in india , but the sad bit is they get targeted because of the rotten apples in their community and the govt policy is only strengthening terrorists hands
    it would be better if the govt acted against the islamists with an iron hand – both here and in pakistan and pok and deal with the JI and LET just like the americans are , but that requires courage and conviction
    Instead of sachar and reservations there should be more focus on building world class primary schools and educating people , and substituting the place of study from a madrassa to a state funded a grade school
    Have u read prernas post?

    u said
    Hindutva breeds the Mujahideen and vice versa.
    be more judicious with ur words
    and please dont equate riots with terrorism when u dont have proof and make personal allegations that can hold up in a court of law – this is the employment of most politicians..

    and the fact is that 600yrs ago islamic warriors did kill not just hindus or buddhists or ethnic tribes but passive muslims too and their conquests weren’t that peaceful most of the times.. and they had an agenda of of establishing a pan islamic caliphate

    The fact is that u have nothin better to do sitting somewhere in the us and preaching your tunnel vision with rabid statements wastes my time as i have to react to each of ur statement . this is my last comment on this topic

  7. as they put it in the movie ” A Wednesday” .. when there is is a blast, we call up our friends and feel glad to know that they are safe … and we get used to the situation, but never try to do something about it, to prevent something like this in future..

    Its easier in a movie but people can do basic things to protect themselves, rather than depend on a govt that depends on radical Islamic votes and gives lip service to public security, when taking care of its own thanks to spg etc.

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