Tremors in Mumbai !

Its not just the stock and commodity markets that are experiencing tremors.

Right now its 3.21Am and as i type, the crows have woken up and are loudly croaking. My mom who is a light sleeper is up and sounding alarm bells.

Mumbai has just suffered a mild earthquake.  i just felt quite a few tremors for around 15 seconds and some of them were sufficiently large, so much so that my monitor began to shake rather violently for a few seconds.

Here is an interesting read Is Mumbai Safe from Tremblers?


23 thoughts on “Tremors in Mumbai !

  1. I too felt a tremor. We quickly got out and confirmed with the Met Deptwhich have details of tremor and suggested avoiding panic

  2. dude ! ur faster than the news channels….. i thought my brother was fooling around and being annoying as usual and he thought i was harassing him by kicking the sofa, but then the perfume bottles were going beserk and we both we dumbfounded ! haha quite an experience….

  3. Yes, it was about 318am. I woke up and checked news on TV. About 345am, CNN-IBN carried flashing news about mild tremors in Mumbai. I guess the tremors were not severe enough so the news got dropped by the morning.

  4. Hi,,

    Got woken up shaking…thought got some heart trouble……but thank god some one other than me also felt the same…..It happened for a long time and it’s so wierd….

  5. words of caution my watch is a bit fast say3/4 minute.

    hey thanks for the quick response ,
    abhishek, viral, baby, steve, ritika, nitin, baby bhadresh, nt , kamlesh , ali and priyank .
    Looks like this one must have hit 3 + on the Richter scale for so many responses

    ritika i posted just a minute after the tremmors , priyank nothin major thankfully
    on checking it clocked 4.8 on the Richter Scale

    Nita – u must have slept like a log – had a big day?

  6. I am really surprised to see that there is no mention of the tremors felt in Mumbai today early morning in any of the news papers. What is our weather department doing…….?

  7. Hey ………I felt those tremors too!!!

    my whole cupboard and cabinet were shaking as if there was a sudden surge of LIFE in them!!!

    was quite scary for those 2 minutes or so.

    my pets were howling away!!!

    Thank God, no damage was caused. Hope we dont see a bigger one of these!!


  8. Actually this should be a cause to worry about.This has been the 3rd ”Mild” earthquake in 3-4 months.The last time it happened was at 2:15 somewhere around May or June and that too it was for around 15-20 seconds.This proves that we are putting a bit too much pressure on the land by building 60-70 story buildings!!!!!

  9. We received a call for an ambulance at Borivli at 3.30 am. A patient with past history of heart ailment called saying he felt the tremors and he was anxious and was experiencing chest pain. We rushed a team of doctor and nurse with a ICU ambulance to his residence. This guy is a 55 year old male in severe pain. ECG showed that he had ischemic changes in his heart. We rushed him to our hospital for immediate treatment. He was placed in the ICU and was monitored. Oxygen and all lifesaving medications was administered to him. He has recovered and will be discharged soon. Moral of the story- Tremor anxiety can trigger a physical ailment. Letus be prepared!

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