Do India’s Metro Cities need SWAT Teams ?

As the news of the martyrdom of Delhi Police Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma slowly fades out of the Papers, why do I get this lingering feeling – that this was an unnecessary death !  I beg to question, do India’s Metro Cities need SWAT Teams ?

Read IE : Delhi encounter: ‘It all started at 10.30 am’

Forget leading from the front and the heroics of all that. What was the necessity for him to take such a risk? That too when these were no ordinary criminals, but well trained well indoctrinated terrorists? In most European countries or in America the SWAT would have first right to deal with this, not the special investigators and handled it much better as they are always focused, well prepared and needed to practice and have rigorous drills to deal with such kind of situations .

Late Delhi Police Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma was no ordinary inspector,he was a Keyman in the Delhi police Special Cell, a person who rose from the post of Sub Inspector by an out of turn promotion, mainly because of his investigating capabilities and not due to Ji Hozoori.This void will be unfillable and it will take the Police some time to reorganise.

Sharma (Sanskrit: शर्म; Hindi:शर्मा) means one who brings happiness to friends and sorrow to foes. But ironically these must be sad times for his family and friends as the nation mourns his demise . I lost someone dear at a very young age, and i think i know what his family will be going through and my heart goes out to his family which will have a permanent void in their lives.

Though all Encounter Specialists have been given a real bad name, mainly by many Pseudo Secular politicians media personnel, Questionable social workers, Elitists and  Idealists, the fact is- the real world is not all picket fences posh colonies and sterile living. There is no doubt that the Encounter Specialists are the sieve that filter out the criminal filth from major cities of this country to try and keep the Aam nagriks safe.

The fact still remains that neither the Mumbai Police nor the ATS have been able to fully crack any of the Mumbai blasts after the 93 blasts, something that can be attributed to the disbanding of the Encounter specialist cell, and the which hunt that followed it.

I distinctly remember the movie Satya and the the dialogues delivered by Paresh Rawal acting as a DCP Mumbai Police , a movie that aptly tells us what situation and the stress they have to work under. In real life dealing with the criminals is routine but they have to also deal with the TRP hungry press and the Politicians.

There are a lot of things we need in the fight against Islamic Terrorism, but one thing is certain, the most important is Political Will and the next is to use right Personnel (specialized ) with the right equipment for the right job.

Rediff : In India, we don’t catch terrorists

I need not remind u that the Ban on SIMI was lifted as govt fails to furnish enough evidence, showing how disinterested the govt was in persuing the case.Thankfully after the media uproar supreme court restored it.

Ban on SIMI to continue: SC

Secondly the most scary bit comes from this article in the TOI, which forgets to mention North Kerala .

Delhi encounter exposes SIMI’s real face-India-The Times of India

Two members of the Manmohan Singh Cabinet – Railway Minister Lalu Prasad and Steel Minister Ramvilas Paswan – had hailed the tribunal order against the ban as validation of their belief in the ”innocence” of the organization. They were joined by UPA’s new-found ally, Mulayam Singh Yadav who as chief minister of Uttar Pradesh refused to enforce the ban on SIMI in the state.

Besides politicians, Syed Ahmed Bukhari, Shahi Imam of Delhi’s Jama Masjid, had rushed to Azamgarh to launch a spirited defence of Abu Bashir, the prime suspect in the Ahmedabad blasts and now suspected to be the chief ideologue of the Indian Mujahideen. Bashir, a hardline Deobandi cleric, has also been linked by intelligence agencies and cops in different states to the IM modules behind the blasts in UP, Jaipur and Delhi. SIMI’s emerging cadre profile – many of the terrorists being trained engineers, doctors and IT professionals – too has suited international terror outfits that consistently update their modus operandi.

”All defence counsels must be feeling very embarrassed,” said a senior cop, reflecting the sense of relief in the fraternity that has grappled with political interference with investigations and allegations of ”communal frame-ups”.

Also read SP leader and father of suspected militant says son innocent.


7 thoughts on “Do India’s Metro Cities need SWAT Teams ?

  1. I saw half of this movie called “A Wednesday”… And I’m curious to know whether the Indian Police force is actually that tech savvy as shown in the movie… If it is, then a SWAT team isn’t far away… 😀

  2. The politicians defending the terrorists and terror outfits should be banned for life from fighting an election. Certain sections of media are also trying to create doubt among the general public about the encounter. All this will demoralize our police. Sometimes it becomes really depressing.

  3. Nikhil , im speculating here but i think
    60% + of police be it mumbai or otherwise dont know what internet is …
    Their it cyber cell is well trained and knows stuff but in isolation it doesn’t offer much benefit , except track the odd orkut flamer, but they have industry backing and people from Naascom who help out
    I think he real techies are in ARC of Raw and the students of IITs and local hacker groups .
    Prerna – there is a threat upgrade on mantris and politicians so more cops for security duty of mantris yet again – means less cops for public policing

  4. Yes , SWAT is the need of the hour. Mumbai police with their laathi’s(cane sticks) are incapable of fighting AK 47 and hand grenades.

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