Is Food Inflation hitting ur Wallet?

The prices of agro commodities especially fruits and vegetables are skyrocketing so much so that a measly bunch of Palak (spinach ) and Dhania (coriander) is costing 12 to 15 bucks a bunch (up from Rs3/5 that too bad quality) , there is a major shortage of green leafy vegitables and any vegetable be it the carrot or the ladyfinger is costing above Rs 40/50 a kilo in the Mumbai markets, worse Kakdi or cucumber has shot up to Rs 36 a kilo. The price rise is really hurting , so much so that even my college going friends are talking about it these days.

The FM the RBI gov and the bunch are shouting that inflation will come down, and even though there is demand destruction in the commodity markets , causing fall in prices as i see it even though the inflation in stuff like industrial goods, cement , steel etc will come off as commodity prices are crashing; there will be no let up in food inflation at least until Nov /Dec and the Figure will stay well over 12%, thanks to food inflation and other factors such as oil bill, falling rupee , FII pullout and governments dole and spending politics , pushing in more rupees into the markets…

Any thoughts?


9 thoughts on “Is Food Inflation hitting ur Wallet?

  1. All I know is that a few days back mom asked dad to bring some “dhaniya” and he was like – Oooooo!!! That’s so expensive!!!
    I was shocked beyond words! That is when I actually understood the seriousness of the situation. πŸ™‚

  2. I think inflation is stable ( minus impact of us market crash ) now … need to wait a little for to see it decreasing … but dont expect miracles, as fm told us earlier ..

    @ xylene

    forget about them, tomato prices keep changing all the time …. πŸ™‚ depending up on their production ..

  3. True xylene , interestg bangaluru is catching up with mumbai on living costs …

    Amit , if it affects people of the middle and upper middle class – god knows what is gonna happen to people who have 1 income and 5 eaters in their family

    Dinu, this is a problem in the citys’ – and tomatoes like potatoes and onions are common man food

  4. A close relative has come in to India after a dozen years, and his sticker shock is so amusing.
    I am not talking veggies and stuff, but to hear of a designer saree priced at 30k and even several times higher is amusing even to a person like me, who believes in giving worth to what lies beneath….

  5. πŸ™‚ doc
    but is the sari worth 30k and more ? it is a subjective thing
    well most nris are in a time warp
    it is amusing to see my sis get shocked when she evaluates things by comparing them with costs of her college days

  6. You are right Prax. Most NRIs are in a time warp. Quite a few of them imagine that there are princesses shopping in Meena Bazaars and sugandhis (perfume sellers) selling ‘itra'(perfume) under shady trees in the walled city of Delhi. The girls are covered from head to toe in silk lehangas and rani haars( long necklace). A few years ago when my friend visited Canada, her relative was trying to explain to her what an ATM is πŸ™‚
    Dhania is coriander, isn’t it?

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