On Politics of Regionalism

Raj Thackeray was arrested today and there was an impromptu bandh, and the routine violent protests, as many parts of the city were forcibly shut and a bandh enforced.

Indians love opulence – be it in marriages , in religious festivals or be it in protests, we love to break rules, cut corners, to make noise , blast something, burn something just to be heard or to make our presence felt. And lest i forget Indians are a very repetitive bunch of people….

Sometimes i wonder how Gandhiji managed to hold peaceful protests?

One of the fundamental Principal of Insurance says “causa proxima non remota spectatur”

The rule of causa proxima means that the cause of the loss must be proximate or immediate and not remote. If the proximate cause of the loss is a peril insured against, the insured can recover. When a loss has been brought about by two or more causes, the question arises as to which is the causa proxima, although the result could not have happened without the remote cause. But if the loss is brought about by any cause attributable to the misconduct of the insured, the insurer is not liable.

Well looks like it is followed not only in insurance claim but also in real life politics and justice.

Lets see the causa proxima is MNS violence (a Raj T party)

Not the first time this has happened. It happened before in Nashik read

MNS violence: North Indians flee Nashik

and more violently so in Assam, India  read

29 Biharis killed in Assam; army out

the remota spectatur is Laloo and Mulayams wilful mismanagement of their states to keep them backward , populous, poor, desperate and uneducated so that they keep their flock intact.

Result Raj is Gagged and arrested (and kept in Mumbai, well this is political too cause the NCP which manages the home portfolio is playing him against the Sena) but laloo is free to babble and babble more . (not the first time this happened)

Bihar has celebrations on his arrest and what are celebrations without some more  violence

Bihar youths claim MNS killed candidate, vandalise Patna station

and then again didn’t this happen before ?

Angry protests in Bihar over Assam killings : India

Thackeray’s statement sparks protest in Bihar – Express India

Didn’t i say we Indians are so repetitive ?

Why does north based tv media chase trps and the causa proxima instead of looking at the root cause of why people from UP Bihar are so detested? I am not defending Raj here, but just making an observation.Why do people look down upon upwala or bihari and call those states bimaru ?

there is a wiki on this topic too Discrimination faced by the Bihari community in India

Why does press publish crap while people discuss substance

read Prerna’s blog : She has a very good post on this violence and its remote causes.

also this comment on rediff news

and remember Lalu’s Rs 1200 fodder scam
by parvinder on Oct 21, 2008 04:51 PM  Permalink | Hide replies

Lalu is always ready to blame everybody and got so many joker statements. But remember, he is still an accused in Rs 1200 croroe fodder scam and its because of his cabinet ranak and closeness to Cong that case is put in the cold storage.

If Raj is doing all these non sese, Lalu did the same to Bihar for 5 years .. that was Jungle Raj – remember during his daughter’s marriage, how his party looted Patna for vehicles


4 thoughts on “On Politics of Regionalism

  1. no matter what one says, raj thackeray and his band are just a bunch of gavti ghattis with iqs below 10 who only know how to beat up and torture the poor n oppressed!!

  2. Raj as i see it most politicians including Raj laloo etc are all junglis

    laloo is definitely more gavti than Raj who was brought up in Mumbai

    BTW ghatis are people who originate from the ghats … and raj isnt a ghati

  3. The whole thing of attacks against North Indians seems carefully orchestrated to gain maximum impact through minimum effort.

    Very few have been targetted and unfortunately hammered out of shape. Our TV channels faithfully follow them and blow it up. Sometimes I wonder whether the TV channels were informed in advance of these activities and only these have been filmed e.g., Smashing taxi windshields, beating up a few hawkers…..

    I see in atleast four to five major suburbs, our UP/Bihari vegetable vendors are still there, taxi and auto rickshaw drivers still ply their trade. There is no exodus as some TV reporter on a train would like us to believe.

    Whilst we need to be careful of falling prey to RT type approach, we must be equally careful not to believe whatever the media dishes out. TV reporting today has become the worst type of yellow journalism.

    Another thing that I never understood is – Why the hell do you destroy public property in Bihar to protest against RT and his acts in Maharashtra. Pretty dumb – I must say or is violence just hard wired in our Bihari genes.

    Any reason is good enough to indulge in some “exercise” if you will.

    RT has achieved his objective of capturing centre stage and none of the mainstream political parties can criticise him for fear of losing credibility.

    So – are RT’s statements striking a chord some where……..

    The jury is still out on that..

  4. true mavin
    in most cases the north based and exported media jokers of most news channels have no clue about Mumbai – remember the rains and their impact on news channels flooding to milan subway?

    it makes sense for both rt and north politicians to do this drama
    rt gets a disgruntled marathi manus base

    north politicians get to address their votebank ahead of elections

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