Who will do the Policing?

When politicians interfere in day to day matters, and become a law unto themselves , thanks to their clout and try to armtwist officials instead of leaving the policing on the cops, this is the general outcome.

from the TOI

Mumbai: A major section of the Mumbai police force is reportedly in a dilemma after the state government initiated a probe into last Monday’s incident at Kurla, where an armed youth from Bihar was shot dead by police after he had taken hostages in a BEST bus.
The government or
dered a probe by the chief secretary after top Bihar politicians said the police could’ve captured 23-year-old Rahul Raj alive.
The issue recently came up at a meeting where senior police officers and police commissioner Hasan Gafoor was present. Last week, senior officers told Gafoor that juniors were asking them how to deal with such situations in the future. A police officer said, “Worried sub-inspectors and constables have been asking senior inspectors about the incident.’’
A senior officer asked, “Should we have waited for the boy to fire at a few more innocent passengers, like he shot at Manoj Bhagat, or should our officers become his victims?’’ Another officer said, “Either way we are bound to get criticism. Had Rahul fired at a few more passengers and we had not retaliated, the same people would have criticised us for not firing.’’
“If this is the attitude, then in the future no police officer will dare to rush to a spot and take quick decisions,’’ said a top officer.
Gafoor justified the police action to TOI, saying that his instructions were to save innocent lives.
On the opinion that Raj could have been taken alive, a police officer part of the Kurla operation said, “It is very easy to pass such comments. We know how we tackled the situation.’


And the poltician in question is most probably none other than L P Yadav, and i beg to question why does he not don the policemans dress and do the policing himself ?


5 thoughts on “Who will do the Policing?

  1. I am still unable to make my mind on the incident. Police were right or wrong, I am failing to decide. One of my friends pointed out the fact that what politicians are saying is done is movies only. In real life, capturing an angry youth with gun is not that easy as they show in movies.
    But one thing is sure that police didn’t kill him because he was Bihari, surely not. As far as I know, he wasn’t shouting I am Bihari I am Bihari and even if he did have shouted it, thats no reason for police to attack. The only reason is he was danger to other people.
    Anyway, no Bihari is gonna read this and change his/her mind.
    So Prax, all we can do is Wait and Watch (as usual) 😀

  2. true suda

    all i am for is to let the police do the policing
    that will sort out many issues

    n btw the mumbai cp is a muslim originating from the north

  3. Prax, unfortunately it was not Lallu alone. I was surprised to see all Bihari politicians including Nitish Kumar voicing the same concerns about the encounter. I agree with the police here. Bihari, Marathi or Punjabi anybody who has a gun in his hand and is threatening to kill cannot be taken lightly. Whether he has a track record or not can be debated later.

  4. prerna
    well he is the biggest mouth in bihar
    and the others have to follow
    who wont protect their vote bank
    for rt its me marathi for the biharis its is similar

    we live in india , we couldnt get sharpshooters or nsg to act in so many dangerous instances like the air india hijack
    our police are so badly equiped that some of them carry the 1800s enfield rifle
    u expect police to have sharpshooters with precision sniper rifles?

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