Multiple fidayeen attacks in Mumbai !!

Mumbai has been attacked again, and this time it is grusome and directly targetted.

South Mumbai, or parts of the old mumbai city have been directly targetted by terrorists in small groups including the main tourist hotspots and places frequented by firangs or westernsers, the young, the affluent and local page 3 elite, thats not all the attacks are organised and are spreading beyond old city limits like places in Juhu vile parle etc.

Terrorists in groups less than half a dozen each equipped with kalashnikovs (AKs) and grenades are replicating fidayeen or Colmbine styled suicide attacks and maybe even Parliament attack 1975 Hotel Savoy styled attempt to take  hostage directly targetting not politicians but common citizens and westerners – mainly Americans and Jews.

The police suspect Mantralaya to also be the next target…..

Ibn Live is reporting live and here is the text version

Pictorial by Reuters

Toi site (which opens with a congress add ) reports 80 dead 250 injured

The list of places affected :

1, BP Petrol Pump blown up, near Nariman house(where some are holled up) , Leopolds Cafe, Colaba

2, Taj hotel (terrorists still holled up) ( 2 blasts )( hostage situation)

3, Oberoi hotel (terrorists still holled up) ( blast )( hostage situation) eyewitness a-c

4, VT station ( grenade attack and firing), Metro Cinema, Girgaum Chowpatty (2 terrorists gunned down)

5, Cama Hospital (terrorists still holled up)

6,  Mazgaon

7, Vileparle, Juhu

8, Ramada Hotel Juhu

and this is a list that is still expanding northwards !!

Top police officers like ATS chief Hemant Karkare, Adl CP Kamte and Encounter specialist Vijay Salaskar, among others, reports say have just been killed.

Will the PM now loose his sleep for Indians whatever be their caste and creed or will he still be selective ?

How many days before the vvvips get additional security ?

A few questions will be answered soon.

I wasnt intending to write this post, simply because like crumbling infrastructure – terror attacks, however gruesome, have now become a part of mumbai culture, embeding themselves in peoples psyche, leaving indelible scars of their occurance on the city landscape.

Mumbai the 24-7 city, the Maximum city is now the favourite target of the ‘Terrorists’ and their facilitators the Dcompany, the SIMI, The LET, The JEM and ofcourse their fountainheads Al Quaeda and the infamous ISI.

This time it is special for the foreign media, mainly because their own or foreign nationals were specifically targeted along with the mumbaikar, like in the al Khobar incident.

I just finished reading the 500+ page Suketu Mehtas book- Maximum city, based on extensive research and had people repeatedly cautioning about something big being planned. Do read it.

Plus u can read about how callous our government really are from this older post,

2 yrs since 7/11 Mumbai train blasts.


5 thoughts on “Multiple fidayeen attacks in Mumbai !!

  1. To tell you the truth even though the situation is now almost over with only the Taj Mahal Hotel left I still feel that our Army,NSG,Black cats etc are totally not up to the mark.They have still not reached to that level.Though I am not blaming the soldiers.Its thanks to them that we can now heave a sign of relief.I blame this ENTIRELY on our government.They do not even bother to maintain our army!!!.Mumbai is the biggest tax paying city in India and still our NSG,Army etc are given very old bulletproof vests,helmets, arms,lack of adequate training etc.

    The other day when I was watching the news someone rightly said “When the government is paying peanuts to the soldiers how can you expect them to be motivated enough to fight for the country”.

    It was reported in the newspaper that the bulletproof vests given to the policemen were almost 8 years old!!!.Some of them didn’t even have steel plates.And almost 40% of the ones that had steel plates were all rusted.Why is the govt ignoring policemen??.Don’t their lives count for anything????.How can you expect them to fight by giving them a pistol in their hand while the terrorist have AK-47’s????.It was sad to see that 14 brave policemen died fighting for our lives.

    Where is all that money going (though we all know the answer to that question).Why isn’t the government spending on the army by giving them proper training and equipment which they rightly deserve for protecting our country.

    This incident is taking more than 50 hours!!!!.If it was the Israeli army or the US army it would have taken not less than a day.This is because the government take good care of the army there.They give them proper training,give them proper equipment etc.The Israeli were right in saying that the whole course of action was botched up.We have to thank our politicians for the title.

    And why do we Indians have such an ego??.When the Israeli army offered help why didn’t we take it???.This is due to the politicians who wanted to take credit after all the work is done I think.If the politicians had just agreed to their offer many of lives plus the lives of OUR soldiers would have been saved!!!.They could have helped us take control of the situation.Who cares about the credit???.There is nothing to be ashamed of by taking help since the whole world is fighting against terrorism and the whole world should be united to fight against terrorism.

    Net net we should now seriously start reacting.I am sick and tired of the same dialogue being repeated by the politicians each and every time a disgusting event like this happens

  2. And why was the govt sleeping??.We had received information from the terrorists that they were planning to strike Mumbai.Why didn’t the govt take defensive measures.They had even specified which areas they were planning to attack.So many lives could have been saved if the govt put up security measures in those and other imp areas

  3. @Amit:
    I hope what your saying comes true.This really was an eye opener.No amount of mumbai spirit was ready for this.

    Worse part is some of the media were covering bullshit stories in between like Amitabh Bachan keeping a gun under his pillow!!!!!!!!!.Who in the world cares about Amitabh Bachan and his stupid pillow??????.There were 100’s of people in pain and agony and this news channel is covering bloody Amitabh Bachan!!!Utter Nonsense

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