A Mumbaikar speaks on the Terror attack at the CST (VT)


The Fidayeen at CST (Sebastian D’souza/AP)

An account from a friend ( he was gracious enough to share this with me) :

am still in shock.. this happened right outsdie my office and I saw it unravel right in front of me…
The CST railway station is opposite the Times building – my office.. and I was stuck in the office till beyond 10. So when I left the office is when they suddenly started sealing the building. And next thing I heard was people discussing ‘bomb scare’ and staring at the station. There were cops aplenty asking people to clear out. Next thing I see is people pouring out in hordes out of the station and then gunshots. The cops started yelling at people to flee as this was open firing and anybody could get hurt. I was scared of getting caught up in a stampede situation so i walked fast keeping close to the edges of the pavement… cabs were just running for their lives

I had to walk to Churchgate station and on the way I heard blasts and gun shots from where I had left behind. I luckily got the train home before they stopped any more trains from moving from Churchgate and vice versa.

When I reached home is that I realised that had I stuck around for even a mere five minutes I could very well have been hit by a bullet or got blown up with grenades. The two terrorists, after shooting people in the station came out from the exit facing my office and started firing at everybody there and then flung grenades. After which they tried to take over the Times building that luckily by then had been sealed off. they however did open fire at the building and vehicles parked or moving around. Then they moved ahead on the road firing randomly at whoever they could see. So many casualties there…

Have been glued to the TV set and news ever since I reached home and thanking my lucky stars. And yes the cell phone… taking calls form everyone and assuring them am fine and it was such a close shave…
My colleagues were stuck in the Times building, but thankfully none of the casualties are who I know of.


9 thoughts on “A Mumbaikar speaks on the Terror attack at the CST (VT)

  1. God that is terrifying…..One of my friends saw the whole leopold incident right in front of her eyes.Good to know that your friend escaped

  2. This was an extract of the email a very close friend who is also a TOI journo, sent to another friend.

    thanks for ur response folks …

    Yes we both are safe but what about the countless dead in terror attacks ?

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