Frustrated Public Shutdown parts of Western Railways

Frayed tempers and daily frustration boiled over and WR services were disrupted when people agitated at borivli and blocked tracks leading to more train cancellations.

TOI has a major coverage of the event read its epaper

Wednesday’s agitation started when the 9.10 am fast train was cancelled, leading to chaos. .. Thats just one fast train! And women took the lead

Thousands of Borivli commuters, fed up of being taken literally for a ride every day, refused to budge from the tracks in a spontaneous protest sparked by a cancelled train that forced Western Railway to take notice.

We were protesting silently. Though a few
‘passengers raised slo
gans, they were not violent. The police ruthlessly attacked us and resorted to a lathicharge. A few of the agitators were not even on the tracks… the police chased commuters waiting on the platforms. They hit everyone mercilessly, not even caring if they were male or female

toi2toi-imagetoi3Nitin Sonawane TOI

The problem started at 8 am when few Borivali trains were cancelled and the other Borivali trains were arriving on platform No 8. The passengers were irate by the fact that Virar-bound locals coming on platform number 1, 2 and 3 were jam-packed. At least, 12 lakh people had been hit by the disruption. … mid day

NDTV as their name suggests, just talked about the disturbance it caused to a commission earning commuter without focusing on the core issue .. overcrowding as defined by Super-Dense Crush Load of 14 to 16 standing passengers per square meter of floor space and World record passenger traffic density.

The Mumbaikar (im counting people of all castes and creeds that have lived for atleast 2 decades) is the best most cooperative citizen of India, and generally following rule of law and the likes, but hey his patience can also be tested and yesterday it cracked.

To understand why this happened chk out this video taken at Vasai station while standing in a fast train at 7:10 in the morning, it is way worse at churchgate during the evening rush hour

Some foreigners have even made it a part of their incredible India visit

Uncontrolled migration and rapid growth of population has meant unorganised and uncontrolled development of new and massive suburbs to Mumbai. You dont have to search for them , just chk out the property pages and u will get adverts for houses in areas like Ghorbunder road, Thane, etc on Central Railways, Virar , Mira Bhayandar, Nala Sopara,Vashi  on Western railways, Nerul, Juinagar and even Panvel and Kharghar etc in New Bombay . See the railnet map to get  a better idea.

Though the taxes and stamp duties valuation always catch up or in some cases even exceed the actual psf rates of flates, the problem here is that the basic infrastructure never seems to catch up with this rapid development and once in a while frustration boils over and we haves some strike dharna or agitation somewhere for the dire basics like pani, rasta and gutter and most often of Rail and bus connectivity.

I have lost count on the number of Bomb blasts mumbai has suffered but hey who really cares about Mumbais security ? The police bosses, who are overeager to lathi charge angry mobs demanding the very basics ? apparently not.. chk out Funds for police development diverted

But who wants to listen to the mumbai commuters woes ? …Bihar (indian) rail ministry? naa Lalooji is too busy getting loco factories in his home constituency Madhepura on fast track … the Central Govt which manufactures Shanghai dreams is worried that mumbai wont give more taxes thanks to the recession ? or the state govt wants is more taxes in form of octroi and stamp duties and of course to guarantee loans of non performing rural Cooperatives run by ministers?


9 thoughts on “Frustrated Public Shutdown parts of Western Railways

  1. Much ado about nothing. A.O. Hume’s safety valve theory comes to mind seeing these images. Bombayites pride themselves for being able to withstand anything and being the envy of the nation. This is precisely what you get for bending over backwards your whole life. One staged dharna on the railway tracks won’t do squat. Bombayites are too engrossed in their own lives (not necessarily a bad thing) to be able to constructively do anything about it. Not to mention that there isn’t anything to unite them, no common ground.

  2. Prax, I agree, that violence isn’t always the best way. But the point I was making, is that bombayites have a very short memory span. I wonder if people are going to keep this incident in mind when they get a chance to do something about it.

    And yes, if the time comes, which it hasn’t yet, since we haven’t exhausted all the resources at hand, violence is the answer. Violence to throw out oppressive regimes is called a revolution. And maybe my queasy comrades, who have been indoctrinated by gandhi’s principles of non-violence and have grown-up with a sneaky mistrust of arms need to re-evaluate what they think constitutes a failed state and what means they are willing to go to, to take it back.

  3. DD
    I dont think we have a poor memory span, we do remember, at least most of us do
    the fact is that we are helplessly bound by the daily rigours of life and of earning our daily needs, plus this being migrants paradise most people are here just to work and send money home … rest i agree with ur comment
    The commis in india are a facade, their only real policy is self preservation and protecting lobbys of workers like ai staff.

    Mumbai is also the city giving maximum money order business to india post …

    i fully agree, its central apathy especially from the rail ministers from bihar who have monopolised the railways

    Rolling , how ?

  4. A week has passed by this incidence, and after that there is no looking back, mumbai’s lifeline has lost its pace.

    Each day, Mumabi local has a problem. Last 10 days are like days, where all that goes wrong, has to go with suburb lines only.

    With interim budget placed in, there is absolutely nothing for this lifeline.

    Just wondering, when Minister is trying to reach threshold, or revenging a personal loss over regional conflicts oif employment???

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