Backed up ur data yet?

I am facing a hard disk nightmare, one faulting due to electrical problems (due to a bad power supply) and the other has a tragic case of magically vanished partitions (most likely recoverable). I think i have made a backup on a cd, but as Murphys law always prevails .. it  seems to have vanished.

In the good old days when hard disks crashed the authorized people generally repaired and returned them, which gave u a good chance of recovering ur data. Worse the newer hard disks are more fragile and tend to fault much more easily, thanks in part to falling costs , the made in China tag or/and to the capacity addition in the same platter size.

Gone are those days. These days generally they are directly replaced by the warrenty providers, especially if it is a western digital, which means you can very well say goodbye to recovering any data you have.
A casual phone call to the authorized data recovery firm gave me quite a shock. The cost for data recovery starts from a casual Rs 9000 (3 times the hard disk cost) to a whopping 27000 with which u could shop for a brand new pc.  Sadly any third party repair voids ones warranty but does one really have any other option?
Moral of this rant ..
It is vitally essential that one backs up their important data.
and more important to keep the backed up data cd properly.


12 thoughts on “Backed up ur data yet?

  1. Lets be positive
    until i dont get the disks checked im keeping my fingers crossed
    I have backed up my financial data and hope the 500 gig works and just has a minor failure

    Most movies of mine are with my friends , but some of the music was invaluable but still replacable

  2. Yeah man very important.. I have lost my data way too many times to not make backups now… I have like 4-5 recovery CDs n data backups lying around.. Try recovering data using linux CDs they might help

  3. True amit ,
    Thats one more method of backing up data, but ive noticed that dvds last far less than regular cds

    But i fully agree that the best thing to do is backup stuff regularly.

  4. That reminds me, I haven’t backed up my data in ages. 😦

    My ways of backing up are slightly different. Sometimes it is on 500 GB drive, sometimes on dvd and some files are up on server.
    Bure waqt mein kahin kuch to milega. 😛

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