MTNL Broadband Deficiencies

Though the service of mtnl has improved leaps and bounds there is a lot that they can improve so that they still remain one of the best broadband services in India though it comes at a pretty hefty price.

As things stand MTNL is the most reliable service even if it has some blatant deficiencies. Some of them being

Why cant we match up to Europe in QOS ? Residents of the Netherlands, armed with a tax break for computer purchases and some of Europe’s lowest broadband fees, lead the world in the use of personal computers and the Internet,in UK, customers British telecoms operator BT pay as little as $18.72 per month for it, German DT (which was till recently a monopoly) charges around 30E. My digital life in Europe was great , blazing fast unlimited broadband , with consistant quality connection.

1. The Noon Slowdown

The service runs at blazing speed of 2mb most of the time and gives people a download speed between 170~200 but come noon or 11am, when the corporates log in the experiences deteriorate miserably  so much so that sometimes it takes ages to load gmail. Worse it continues many a times until 4/5 pm, and it is time MTNL upgrade, add to existing capacity. The experience is akin to cruizing the Mumbai Pune Expressway at 100 kmph and come mulund and chembur ur down to 25kmph …wham you start creeping at 14kbps to 46kbps sometimes even slower.

2. The Horrid Pathetic MTNL LOG

Mtnl logs its subscribers at

Mtnl billing logs are a mystery even to their system administrators, and sometimes they cant even account for all their goof ups !

Most of the times the site address for their logs never works.

If it works sometimes it doesnt display the balance correctly and takes jumps and gives jahtkas to its customers. It hasnt been displaying  correct usage data for the last two days. The site is down  from  29 th to 2 of every month, and this shockingly is routine business.

It never forgets to log its customers, and mtnl is so enthusiastic about revenues that sometimes mtnl logs and bills them them twice for the same session, and i have documentary proof from my log .

Current Month Session Details

4/1/09 10:09 AM 4/1/09 10:43 AM 12912084 12.31 MB
4/1/09 10:59 AM 4/1/09 11:37 AM 8837912 8.43 MB
4/1/09 7:04 AM 4/1/09 11:52 AM 620663630 477.14 MB
4/1/09 12:28 PM 4/1/09 2:08 PM 8905482 8.49 MB

Funny thing is they billed me from 10.09 to 10.43  and then 10.59 and to 11.37 and oops they forgot to log me for the morning session that went from 7.04 right upto 11.52 am. How can that even be possible and 477mb ???

Net Net be ready to fight it out with the babu sitting in his palatial ac cabin complaining that this NU plan is a big loss to mtnl.

3. The wierd Night Unlimited  Rules

One must disconnect and reconnect the router after 12:00 at nite  and before 8 am if one wants to get the NU benefits. Why cant they program disconnects themselves ? This is the single fine print that earns mtnl a lot of money as people think arre Night is free , but the logs show that u had logged in at 11.58 so ur being billed , or that you forgot to shut the pc at 7:59 am when you left the pc on for  downloading that software package or windows update! This is pathetic !!

4. The Linemen:

The pan eating lineman most often knows nothing of how to do broadband installations, so beware if there is some error and keep a hawk eye vigil on all his activities. Some decent ones accept the fact, so at least you are not left with things worse off than what they already were.

So pretty much one needs to just be aware and be a bit cautious, So as they say Jaago Grahak Jaago !


9 thoughts on “MTNL Broadband Deficiencies

  1. Ha Ha Ha… I am so much with you on this. We have the same plan and facing exactly similar problems. We have even stopped looking at our consumption as

  2. 1. the site is mostly down
    2. we can not see it at night. The site works only during working hours !!
    3. We don’t understand it
    4. No one from MTNL can understand it too.

  3. But by looking at your session details I think I will again start looking at them. For last 4 months we are getting monthly bill of 4k plus when most of the time net isn’t working !!

  4. See again, it’s not allowing me to put a long comment in one go. I tried at least 20 times. So request you to read the comments in sequence. 🙂

  5. Broadband is not working satisfactorily & out of service since last 8-10 days. complaint lodged on 198 ( no.1192) but there is no response.I am really fed up with the services of MTNL.No action is being taken to attend the fault promptly.I really do not know when the fault will be attended.Will somebody from MTNL look into?

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