Cut your MTNL bills!

Cuckoo , a sweet, sensetive and intelligent blogger seems really pissed of at mtnl and the big 4000+ bill she has been paying each month, so here are a few tips that might help her, you and all mumbaikars save on their bills during recession.

1. Most important bit is always make sure you read ur bill properly!

2. Note the CA NUMBER as a rule you will always need it.

Save on ur Landline Bill

If you don’t seem to get it on time , and this is very possible you can get it over here. Telephone bills site and click on

Pay Your Landline Bills without registration.

Feed in ur phone no and ca no, and you can get to view ur bill.  If u have net banking you can also pay your bill online and trust me it works quite well, because i personally use it.

First thing to do is collect at least last 3 bills and then analyze your usage.

Open this Link to Tarrif chart of MTNL

See which plan fits you right and change to it pronto by calling 1500 and asking them to change the plan asap , and verify changes in ur next bill.

Watch out ! Akways LOCK that STD / ISD if u have it. (call 1500 for details)

Internet / Broadband Bill

Even surfing is counted as downloading by mtnl so be careful with those picture heavy sites. Worse idle time is also sometimes miraculously billed by the notorious mtnl server, if the connection is router based so switch it off when not needed.

Open this Link to BB Tarrif chart of MTNL

Analyze ur consumption and select the suitable plan via helpline 1504 and the best thing is you can change the plan on a monthly basis , by intimating them in advance.

If u have a night plan like me especially (590nu) stick to it like glue and read this post.

1. Work around MTNLs deficiencies as best as u can.

2. Mtnls DNS server sucks big time so add more dns servers like opendns  n freedns : and  to ur dns list.

3. Instead of the switch on off procedure, try Switching to PPPOE connections , which enables u to soft connect/disconnect  in bridge mode like in dial up connections.

4. Last and most important .. read this post  …

Mtnl Triband must havs

5. Chk if ur broadband is installed right:  try making a call when the net is on and if u hear a hi piched sound your installation is faulty.

Need help mail me at but do comment when u mail cause i rarely chk that mail address


6 thoughts on “Cut your MTNL bills!

  1. Thanks for the tips! It would be great if MTNL had such things on their website… but then THAT would be helpful to the customers, and let’s not get carried away. I got their connection 4-5 years, and the site has hardly been updated.

    But let’s not go there…

    I have possibly the worst plan – The straight-forward Rs1/MB plan. And been running around MTNL trying to change it.

    You say they change it over the phone? Because till last year they said you have to submit an application “to the correct sanchar haat”. Now mysteriously no one could tell me exactly which exchange my number was. So I ended up going to 3 exchanges and they told me to go to a 4th one, which I haven’t found yet.

    So anyway, do they change plans over phone? That’ll be great.. will call them and check today.

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