As a citizen of India id like to humbly request people to vote !

Its your constitutional duty so please vote and then  go on that much needed outing because voting still starts at 8am.

If the waste from the open gutter is still lying there even if 3 days have passed or if the road repair / telephone repair / mmrda flyover / bmc gutter repair is forever in progress and it is impossible to walk on ur road , still hold that nose or watch ur step and vote !

Even if ur vote really doesn’t count as much of the illegal vote of the illegal migrant from (un)friendly neighbor country or the hutment dweller carefully cultivated by that friendly neighborhood politician with free electricity water (even if it lasts for an hr a day) and a promise of pucca 225sq feet flat etc ( it means  money for that politician ) or with those promises of  Rs3 a kg rice , free tv, electricity , loan maafi, or the direct money distribution , liquor distribution etc .

Even if ur MP is a crorepati who was a footpath dweller a few yrs ago , while ur assets are beginning to dwindle, still go vote

You may be frustrated  that this govt is leaving little money in ur pocket thanks to its uncontrolled spending on doles that show little result on ground thaks to massive corruption, mainly based on printing notes out of thin air and the resulting CPI inflation has doubled prices of everything since it came to power, or by blanket loan maafi to some undeserving farmers too when ur house loan emi is skyrocketing.

Do vote, because u never know , ur vote might just count !

Why do i say this ? voter turnout in India averages between 45 and 60% in this country.

Sorry Priyank i know u really want to vote but darn that govt which fails its constitutional duty to facilitate ur vote


16 thoughts on “VOTE !

  1. Large number of youngsters today migrate to other cities (example: IT companies). A system of postal or remote voting will eventually be in place. I’m guessing that making facilities for 700 million voters is a mammoth task in itself.

    People who don’t vote shouldn’t have a right to complain. 😉 simple.

  2. I am not sure I will make it to my hometown for voting and back to Pune on same day. But I will try 🙂 After all you asked to do it for sure 😉

  3. True Priyank
    did u know that many politicians facilitate migrant return from mumbai to up and bihar , just so that they can vote
    Some of these migrants vote twice.. once in home town and once in mumbai

    The management of the administration is at best shoddy, and peoples voter cards are filled with errors …

  4. Just like voting, not voting is an option as well. Although I vote I can understand people who do not want to participate. After all if you look at it from a broader perspective does it really matter who rules since they are going to rule over you? The only way out from this gilded cage is the end of the state itself 🙂

  5. Priyank
    i agree too
    if u analyze the last 5 congress commi mulayam rule
    5 yrs of bjp was better than that of congress , considering that power was a new game to them there were plenty of goofups and mistakes , sadly we got impatient and voted for congress! me included

  6. @ Priyank : A country is like a drug, they make you think that you can not do without them….Finally when they have you dependent, they make you pay for them. Its just like one big truman show.

  7. Sorry for late input but i couldnt vote because neither was my card ready nor was i on the roll. and ironically, my application must have been one of the first since i applied in November when the drives just started!!!
    BTW i still havn’t got my card.

    1. Well it is the thought and realization that counts.
      Also U can get urself registered at taraporewala acquarium at marine drive , they have an office there.
      Dont know how much will help

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