Using Condoms effectively

Chk out how many ways one can use a condom !

Hope this is useful


10 thoughts on “Using Condoms effectively

  1. Oh Oh Oh….

    Now we must see the claims of department of family planning. They must have been happy to see the sales chart going up ! Who knew !

  2. thanks all

    the comments are really rolling

    yes , infact i had read somewhere that Indians too are quite effective , especially from the populous belts- the gel in condoms are used to polish silk sarees in up, no wonder even after having such good demand the popln rate doesnt seem to diminish

    me too when i first saw it

    for that u gotta go buy one

  3. HIlarious this condom use! But I don’t know if the condom greas eis so tasty or even healthy for using it as feeding bottle nipples or as icecreams. I guess it si mineral oil grease vaseline and that is bad for health. An absolute no no!

    1. Guessed you would say so.
      In any case these days there are flavored condoms as well
      maybe they dont have any liquid in them
      in any case .. go ask the Chinese !

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