Digesting news May3,09

27/11 aftermath

The 27/11 trial to me is becoming more and more of a farce, and other than the lone surviving Hashshashin Ajmal being given a death sentence (which might take some time as he will be 23  on jr madams pending list)(if there will ever be a speedy trial) no-one i expect/suspect will be brought to book.

Worse, i wonder why the case is getting so much special treatment ? Why is that lawyer being overpaid so ?

Why cant the state focus on the security of the aam admi  as single mindedly as it is focussing on securing Ajmal ? Is sucularism at play?

I repeat to myself – we are not Israel to go and bomb the hell out of Jamait u Dawa mosques  and the camps churning out fidayeen in dozens by the day, which seems the only real short term solution to me.

The Blundering state politicians have gotten a raise with the ex Cm being appointed in the Central Govt Cabinet, Ex Dycm and home minister is now a NCP state unit boss.

The Bungling bureaucrats and Top Cops will slip away with a clean chit from the Ram Pradhan Committee Report findings, leaving the loved ones of the brave martyrs fuming.

Pakistan is getting lots of aid from the US in a quid pro quo of sorts just so that they take on the taliban in Swat. The taking of Buner scared the Americans so much, that the long term thinking whent for a toss and  they rushed for the quick fix, sans clause J which requires Pakistan ‘not to support any person or group that conducts violence, sabotage, or other activities meant to instil fear or terror in India.’

Yet again proving that to America its interests are supreme, the universal war on terror is humbug, and blackmail and guilt induction is an effective tool in Pakistans arsenal. There are no permanent friends in Diplomacy only Permanent Interests, when will our people learn ?

This was a strong signal signifying business as usual and that the support to the so called freedom fighters running terrorist camps in the so called Azad Kashmir is ok It is not unexpected when  todays headline read

Jamat-ud-Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed released.

What is worse our goverments have time and again reconciled to this fact.

We need to deal with Pakistan and realize that this will be a lone battle and  no one other than ourselves will help us.

Aussi Attacks

It was not as if violent racist attacks against Asians or Indians to be more specific never happen before in Australia , they are simply being reported now, considering how ingrained it is in our psyche that reporting is a useless waste of time, thanks to our police and justice system.

I think it is about time that things changed especially when Australia wants to advertise itself as a leading higher education destination droves of Indians are switching to Australia,  as the preferred destination for education from the erstwhile UK and US.

There are racists everywhere including here in India, but here we tend to fight amongst ourselves or express it to people from the african subcontinent thanks to color bias  but i think with an incarcerated immigrant history and being red meat eaters (i may be wrong here) they are a lot more cruel than the Indian lot.

Atanu has two wonderful posts on the media bias and the real culprits that should bear the blame.


Its Gandhi VS Gandhi in parliament now . Jai Ho !


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