Of late the heat in Mumbai is getting unbearable, so much so that almost all the houses not only in my colony but the whole of my area, even many chawl kholis or boxes are sporting A/c’s, and im also considering purchasing one.

I had been wondering why, and just like most people i instantly blamed it on climate change, el ninio, darn the first world etc.

This is not a healthy sign, and shows that Mumbai climate is getting more and more extreme each year. The temperature has been close to 38`c for the whole of last week, at least 4 to 5 degrees above normal and there is hardly any wind.Most people i know, shower 3 times a day and they are not alone.

Recently when id been to Gorai off Borivli, i was amazed to see how much development happened in the marshlands there and how rapidly the mangrove cover has all but disappeared, just as the fields of veggis that dotted my aunts house close by. My friends father had recently showed me how the mangroves in his backyard had been systematically culled in  Bangur Nagar at Goregaon, replaced by hutments and in some places appartment blocks.

Recently just sick and tired of the sauna like climate we decided to goto Dahanu to enjoy the beach, and once we touched naigaon off mira bhayander the weather started to change, and so did the air, at Vaitarna, Saphale we felt like we were in a different more laid back world.

At the beach even in that intense noon heat where the sand baked and the feet burnt, we never really burst into sweat, In shade we could feel the cool breeze and  the crisp air.

While returning –  once we touched mira road dahisar, we felt like home … as we automatically burst into sweat and felt the intense stink .

Moral of the story…

Is Bom-Bai – the Good bay – the Mumbadevis Mumbai turning into a  CONcrete-Bay or o be more clear Buildermafia-bay?

Im afraid it is.. just chk out this pic of the man made concrete jungle published  by the TOI as a world environment day special…


PS this is a 1992 pic , when there were still farms in borivli, and marshlands in Goregaon and Gorai,  shudder to think what  she looks like now!


6 thoughts on “Bombai-Mumbai-Conbay?

  1. Very scary Prax… The government is set to open the mill lands – they should be converted to parks, not buildings. Learn something from how cities are designed… 😦

    1. Priyank
      Dream on !
      more buildings there infact more tenaments
      because the dd for premium flats has crashed.

      the builder lobby has direct influence that goes so high that they get full access to 10 just like the the owner of the most reliable indian co does.
      The way the builders like dlf unitech etc have been bailed out is plain to see, npa norms have been eased and banks nudget to lend to them, thus bank balance sheets have gotten whitewashed
      haven’t u been in touch?
      NTC has opened mill lands , and is doing so as an ongoing process .. infact now things are thanda
      because of the fall in flat demand and prices

      they have infact removed the ratio of public to developable land and increased fsi to 4 if im not wrong

      sad bit is when indira nationalisation happened lots of middle class people lost money in their shares
      i own shares of modern india united poddar etc and
      the profits from mumbai mills sale will finance most mills taken over by NTC all around India and the small shareholder will get nothing.

  2. Hey, that’s a great map. I’d never seen anything like it before for Mumbai.

    Same story here in Pune as well. Temp keeps increasing every year. 😦

    Though in Pune it doesn’t sweat like in Mumbai and the nights are definitely and assuredly cooler.

    1. Yes, as govts look at votes and masses , this is bound to happen. Worse, the current lot of politicians want to cash in in their 5 yrs in a hurry . lest they suddenly become unfavorable to the higher command !

      Pune satara sangli etc one faces Sunstrokes if im not mistaken.
      A neighbor retiree who has a house in pune prefers it there because of the cooler nights and less rush ..

  3. The diagrams reminds me of a screen showing a spreading virus in a regular Hollywood movie.
    Seriously, we are spreading like a virus, destroying everything in our path.

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