Terror in Mumbai – The untold story.

We all saw live visuals and censored pics of the Mumbai terror carnage

However, this being India, with the heavy censorship, and the need to assuage vote banks and deobandis has meant the whole truth has been hidden from the masses.

There is a hard hitting documentary that was aired on channel 4 and posted on you tube but those sad bumblers have killed access to it, and denied themselves a billion in audience and got it blocked for copyright violation.

But this being the net age people have put up a torrent of it .

Do check it out by googling for Dispatches Terror In Mumbai

and dloading it  and using utorrent for downloading the file.


10 thoughts on “Terror in Mumbai – The untold story.

  1. True Harini,
    but i wouldn’t use the word callousness,
    they consider us sub human / dhimmis and fair game..
    What amazed me was the level of indoctrination and the single mindedness with which the controller controlled his – let me use the term Hashshashins.

    Their level of ruthlessness and sophistication is indeed mind boggling . They have come of age with a crude blend of 15th century ideology and 21 century technology.

  2. Fortunately I saw it yesterday and today the link is nowhere to be found. I think it should be aired in India as well. I think the people of India are entitled to know the truth.

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