Business as usual?

I recently saw the video / documentary made by channel 4 regarding the terror attacks done by the LET in Mumbai. It was indeed a shocker and showed gaping holes in our city and nations security and how petty politics is a major barrier to securing the aam admis lives. Then again there are more deaths on the mumbai suburban train than in terror attacks per yr,  i guess , showing the govts utter failure towards one of the basic needs of people that too of the financial capital of our country.

A lingering question was raging in my mind…How long until we see another terror attack in this country? As it is more than 6 months have passed since 27/11 and the incident is collectively fading  from our active memory.

As i read today’s late headlines, i thought – Oops ! Manmohan has done it again and ranted again – When o when will we learn to stop negotiating one sided agreements ?

We have given another stick on the platter for Pakistan to beat us with and they have lost no time in doing so.

To be frank , i expected this to happen and there is a pattern to this…

First there was the Buner u turn by the US, next came the realization in the US that Pakistan needed to be accommodated(could turn the screws) if they were to achieve any progress (lesser casualties) in Afghanistan , and then Hafeez Sayeed was released, almost coinciding with  Nicolas Burns pushing for continued dialogue. Then there was the slow realization that Pak wouldn’t act on the LET, and then this…The fresh terror warnings and my moms rant about not using public transport or going to crowded areas …pretty much asking me to do nothing other than staying put at home.

Well folks its seems to be  Business as usual…

Then again why should the minister care ? He has the deficit funded largess to get him to power again with his NERGA and his 3 Rs rice program and a big bonus – a bumbling opposition . Plus he can just order another battalion to guard himself and his political mistress.

PS i just read this headline

Composite talks can’t resume till Pak acts against terror, says PM

the contents are so confusing that i wonder if the people in power had done any homework or have any plan or strategy or long term thinking regarding this issue.


8 thoughts on “Business as usual?

  1. I think India-Pak issues is more complicated than recession itself! The way it’s going, I think we will never come to a solution. Talking about Pakistan I suggest you read (Pakistani blogger) you might like his posts

    1. ur right it is far more complicated because the pakis are inflexible right since independence… and borderline impossible to deal with.
      Noone can forget kargil and other misadventures

  2. That was the sarcasm in my comment. Instead of the usual ‘joint statement…is a great step forward…’, this is not taking us anywhere, just keeping us where we shouldn’t be.

    1. I agree that it is a tool both sides love to use
      but here the pakis are repeat aggressors with their cuts by a thousand swords strategy and therein lies the trouble. Some in pak intelligentsia have given up on that state, and think nuke anhilation is the best solution for their problems

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