Another building collapses in Mumbai

A day of rain and another building collapses in Mumbai, that too right next to D B Marg police station. The OB Vans of all the news channels are there, along with fire engines and  the crowds of the curious onlookers. The area is poorly manned, considering the crowds,  even thought  the police station is two buildings away.

Worse they have shut down the whole lamington road, blocking traffic and exit route even to pedestrians. Being Ganpati/Ramzan  time, most bylanes are choked or blocked up by ganesh mandals and blocking even pedestrian traffic is a step in futility, which i think is unnecessary and a total inconvenience especially to people who live there.


A bit more manpower and better organisation are all that was necessary, and they could even keep one side of the road open to traffic. Then again what can we really do? Nothing but curse our luck. We r no Politicians who get 100 + people for our ego or security.

At the end of the day the newspeople will get their time , public will get to do some tp ,  and politicians will provide some lip service near election time… come tomorrow morning things will be back to normal.

U must be wondering why im not talking about the casualties or people trapped under the rubble, and no doubt there will be some, but u see  ive become immune, as  such events are  as aam as the aam admi.


4 thoughts on “Another building collapses in Mumbai

  1. well, the easiest thing the police does all the time is to block roads(which is also the stupidest thing). You can’t blame them because they are not trained to handle any emergency situation or are too unhealthy to take the training 🙂

  2. True,
    all they do is nakabandi and follow instructions right from the top cops to the pandus thanks to the powers bestowed on our politicians to rule their transfers and postings.
    🙂 we don’t have any fitness culture in India and potbellies are in abundance (including my tiny one)
    Thanks Xylene

  3. Spot on with this write-up, I seriously think this page demands far more concern. I’ll probably be once again to learn much more, thanks for the tips.

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