On Ganeshotsava 2009

Today is the 7th day, of the festivities and a popular day when some choose to immerse their idols. As i was returning from  my friends house after seeing his Ganpati, i decided to walk it down, due to the road blocks and the creeping traffic and poor BEST frequency.  I saw  a few people who went about doing the whole thing without the noise but with a lot of dignity. They stood out from the crowd, though they neither had nashik dhols nor bands with keyboards, but had the passion,  zeal and that true spirit of bhakti as they carried their idol in their hands and chanted Ganpati Bappa Moraya!   Somehow it reminded me of a bygone era when i accompanied my uncles for immersion puja. What comes close,  are the barefoot bhakts who are known to walk miles to offer prayers to Siddhivinayak and the dignity with which the Lalbaugs mandals go about their activities .

The zeal shown by many of the pandals and their bhakts especially  in collecting donations and in the immersion procession with the nasik dhols and the organ, the tamasha and the noise making,  along with the drinking and the likes, of course violating the 12pm deadline rather than attending/doing a proper puja of the deity during the 7/10 days,  makes me wonder about their true motives.

When i was discussing with my friend about the Ganpati at my uncles and friends house , the first question he asked was – so what was their choice Nasik dhol or band? just reinforces my belief that humans are very social animals.

Image courtsey Lalbaugcharaja

Hope the good lord Ganesh blesses us all.


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