Bikini Blue ?

When i saw the rushes of the new to be released movie Blue with Sanjay Dutt, Akshay Kumar, Zayed Khan and of course  Lara Dutta, it distinctly reminded me of Bessons much talked about   Le Grand Bleu which i had seen almost a yr ago.

Blue is touted to be one of bollywoods most expensive movies (130 Crore?). My initial impression is that it seems to be a repackaged desi story , far far away from the original based on real life free divers. The shots, camera work, styling and angles from all the promos and pre release materials remind me of many many a movies  including the original,  french movies inc B 15 and music videos  and our own DevD. Turns out it is a bollywood remake of Into the Blue.

So if u want to see some blue water fish and lots  of designer  bikini action, with an added kylie minogue, do watch Blue.

Else you can always watch discovery / planet and living etc for more substantial content.


2 thoughts on “Bikini Blue ?

    1. I wouldnt bother, on whether it is worth the effort or the money spent – ur guess is as good as mine cause this is not exactly a review , but a pre release thought.

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