Can this govt tame the Inflation Monster?

Price inflation,  food inflation, numbers inflation, and now wage inflation , we Indians are facing it all …

Sugar is now at Rs 50 a Kilo .. and most stockist have limited stock and cannot hold stock thanks to govt regulations. Maya has banned processing imported sugar in UP, the Agri minister seems to be reconciled with doing nothing (maybe that is better than his management and exim policy) .

Come summer ie March will this govt manage to keep the prices stable?

I doubt… if we go by its record. First it was the FMs whose words meant little as the govt inflated money supply and fiscal deficit. Now it is our PM.

India committed to price stability: PM

January 15, 2010 18:34 IST

Govt to maintain price stability: PM

We all know how stable the prices have been since 2008…

Need i say more ?


3 thoughts on “Can this govt tame the Inflation Monster?

  1. The govts are passing the buck. The central govt says the state should do their part. The state govt say, its the central govt who should deal with it.

    We elected these guys. sigh.

    1. very true,
      but the way things/administration are structured centre is always more culpable than the states … sad bit is noone cares .. except for giving lip service no steps are taken.

      The agrimin is busy raking it in with his policy favoring mandis and cooperatives most of which are politically controlled

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