And they shout -Kasab gets death penalty for 26/11

Well does he and what is the big deal ?

Kasab landed in India as a feedayeen assassin, and getting death while killing as many people as he could was his sub-prime motive , prime one being getting the promised 72 virgins in Jannat (not the imran hashmis movie) and the the nobler one of funding his well populated family to a better life. So as a matter of fact, Death was a foregone conclusion for him.


Sadly the way our legal system works, neither is he gonna get death very soon, nor is he gonna get his promised virgins. And thanks to the kind of resources being put to guard him,he will still remain a virgin .

The comment below,  for this news piece , made me lol.

Kasab has 50 years more life
by ssh ssh on May 06, 2010 02:41 PM  | Hide replies

Appeal in high court and decision – 2 years
Appeal in Suprem court and decision – 4 years
Pressure from human right activists – 4 years
Pressure from politicians like Abu Salem, Mulayam – 5 years
Appeal to President – 10 years
Finding Good mahurat (time) for hanging – 5 years

Its ironical , the state govt of  maharashtra n the mumbai police is patting its back for this supposed success (which from start of the case was a foregone conclusion) when the two others were freed due to lack of evidence, and the sentence read out by the judge was a bit shocking, especially in the context of state and non state subjects who planned this venture, showing how shoddy the investigation and the defense was.

From Flikr /Pakintel

That the true perpetrators , including sitting and retired army officers of  na-pakistan and the fountainheads of Jamat and LET sit cosy in their safehouses in muridke  or as state guests of Isi, busy brainwashing more kinds, will be a bit relieved with this sentence,  Ajmal, for for one  will remain a state guest(for a decade or until next elections, at lest if congress stays in power) or be exported to Pakistan as a national hero if the LET ever manages another hijack or to abduct some big politicians kin (remember the parliament attack, mast gul and the IC814 hijacking).

He will be  in jail at a considerable expense to the Indian taxpayer (35 crores ? counting) , while his mates make merry with the supposed 72 virgins in Jannat!

Then again,

Will the victims get closure?

Well, i hope the live ones do, and will  be able to move on for their own good, though  i know this is precious little , as the let bosses that orchestrated this whole episode are sitting pretty in muridke or as state guests in some ISI safehouse .

I, for one would be very happy if the victims who have to live lifelong with an ailment, physical and mental trauma  or worse, including the loved ones of the dead would be given a special package (congress style say a Sonia gandi care for terror victims package), something that is at least 10 times the amt the state spends on its most secured guest .

But hey, it is time to wake up and stop dreaming in this sucular reservation based democracy called India.

What of the Aam Mumbaikar? (aams and most food items being so expensive with such high cpi inflation and all that)

What of him ? He is destined to suffer … period. If not terror attacks it will surely be in a motormans strike, bmc strike , best strike , water shortage , political strife ,… the list is endless .

His only hope for justice will be to see more such attacks on US soil , and that the there be a clear trail leading to the let headquarters in Muridke …  just maybe then, they will truly get closure and the perpetrators of 7/11 might meet justice and the  virgins they promised the hapless feedayeen .

Ps Do see Dispaches …from UKs channel 9 available on torrent , at liveleak , or on easyshare to get a better picture from the one presented by our noisy sucular media.


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