British Double Standards

Now Uk is a proud nation that takes racial justice very seriously. So does the BBC which is proud of its ethical standards .

Today, every local  newspaper was covering the harassment of  the Indian Shooting team at the ISSF as one of  its top headlines.

When i chkd out the international press i realised that the 2010 Shooting world cup was a low key event and had to do a specific search.

It felt kinda strange that the  BBC was barely covering the event and worse there was absolutely nothing mentioned about that incident.

Chk out their shooting page and their Dorset page

Its funny they still have an old Bindra article on their shooting page, and have great coveage of the shams and scams in the run up to the Commonwealth games in their sport page .

Biased BBC anyone ??


4 thoughts on “British Double Standards

    1. The Govt is a bit over secular to an extent but it is the lower rung staff like the visa authorities, the lower staff that mainly show prejudice
      BBC is biased … period

  1. No no.. BBC is less biased than Indian news media ..Let me search for some examples and present it to you, Please change that period to a comma till then.

    1. Let me put it this way everyone have their own biases,
      i well remember their bias towards pakistan, and the pathetic one sided representation during the kargil crises
      and i also fully agree our media is so biased that it stinks .

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