Rajneeti – A movie Review

Rajneeti (Politics), a film by Prakash Jha , a director strongly influenced by JPs samajwad, is a 2 and half hr magnum opus on Indian politics loosely based on among other things the epic Mahabharata, politics and politicians past and present, wound around a political family. It also shows how vote bank politics, political family fiefdoms,  caste and religion still play a vital role in deciding candidates and winning elections and how politicians take our feudal gareeb aam janta for a ride.

The movie was supposedly controversial and had to pass through a  super censor board review by Congress (I) partymen,  — Tom Vadakkan, Pankaj Sharma and Sanjeev Bhargava,  directly  flown in from Delhi.

First of all id recommend that you don’t watch it if ur not interested in politics, as you will be bored by the end of the first half.   That said the movie is almost like a documentary, not as exciting or fast paced as the movies Gangajal and Apaharan.

Though most scenes are believable, some scenes leave me logically baffled.  Good thing is that most characters are very human and have shades of good bad and evil in them.

The actor that stands out are the newcomer Shruti Shet inthe tiny role of an ambitious party worker, Manoj Bajpayee, playing the ambitious heir apparent, his dalit neta Ajay Devgan and  Nana Patekar, a strategist with shades of Chanakya and Krishna. Arjun Rampal has improved his acting skills, and so has  Katrina, while Ranbir shows that he still has miles to go.

All in all the movie is decent if you dig politics, else it is a big avoid.


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