On Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Former Union Carbide chairman Warren Anderson said “House arrest or no arrest or bail, no bail, I am free to go home… There is a law of the United States… India, bye, bye, Thank you.”

It sums up how some big  US multinational firms operated in the world in that Era. This also sums up how the pillars of democracy failed, how the judiciary creaked, the bench under the then CJI Ahmedi worked, how the local Media operated (and still does) and worse how the Central Govt under Rajiv Gandhi and local Govt under Arjun Singh worked systematically to the detriment of the victims rights to a fair and just compensation, in the worst industrial accident in India.


The question is have many things changed ? Are we the people in a better position now than we were before and will our UPA govt whose mail election plank was based on the aam admi ever stand up for the aam admi?


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