Applying for ur Indian Passport

There comes a time in ones life when one needs to apply for a passport. A while ago the govt on the name of giving better facilities increased the tariff to 1000 from 300 for a 10yr passport, they made a great start with seats and order but as all things bureaucratic and governmental go things went back to normal and are now no better except that we have a glorified online system , that just brings that little order to the chaotic world of passport application.

To know the status of your application click here No guarantee whether that is the actual status but what the hec!

Applying for a Passport

Fee Structure here . Agents take 1000+ depending on the complications. Time taken is 25 days to 45 days . Lesser for Tatkal There are 4 methods i know of:

  1. Direct Application
  2. Direct Application with Agents help or internal contacts.
  3. Applying through an agent
  4. Applying through post office

If u don’t have the requisite time the best method is 2 . to use an agents services to do all the application form filling (and special marking so ur form is given priority according to ur agents contacts) and likes through an agent. The counter clerks are busy and rude and the help boards do little to help. If ur in no rush get the form filled by a retired serviceman (if available) for a cost at the facilitation counter 38. The Passport system is automated for larger cities.  Try

Online Passport Application for Passport Office

Generally on filling it up and print it and, u get an appointed date and time, at which u have to go and stand in a big line , to submit them, and then pay fees. Yoy are given a receipt with your file number. The expected wait time can be anything between 10 minutes to 3 hours . There are 2 sets to prepare for submission.

  1. Passport form+Documents
  2. 2 PP or Personal Particulars forms +Documents

U have make two sets which include  all supporting self signed copies of proofs and documents . Be meticulous and submit/hold extra documentary proof if possible, drivers licenses are not accepted..Documents list here. Checklist here. For every change in residence/ temp residence  add another set of documents and a PP form. Nothing should be left blank and one must answer each question with a written NO/YES .

Police Verification

The local police station is  supposed to get ur PP Form in a weeks time, from the cid office and generally send a marshal or give a call at ur residence , giving you a time and date to be present at the police station. If there is a delay visit them yourself and make enquirers. It is done by the local police station and entails a similar process with documents in duplicate, for Mumbai try: Mumbai Police-Citizen Assistance Programme Hope that helps and best of luck!


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