ICICI Bank Customer Service

Icici bank has a customer service charter and all sort of things like netbanking phonebanking , privilege desk etc. It is decent if u are a relationship or privileged client. But the fact still remails, for the aam customer, their customer service still Sucks bigtime.

ATM : An ICICI ATM is never empty, there is always a line of customers waiting to be serviced. Some even thieves so beware to take ur belongings including the atm card and press clear/ cancel and check the screen before u exit.

Phonebanking : If you want to listen to a voice other than an ivr, expect waiting atleast 8 minutes at 10.30 at nite, more during the day . If u have verified ur account thru the ivr expect the person to verify you again and again with wierd queries like what were your last three transactions and what is ur debit cards last 4 digits, then put u back on the ivr if u dont have ur atm/debit card handy , then wait for another person for another 5 to 8 minutes. If your wait time is less than a minute you will feel a sense of immense accomplishment that no words can describe.

One more accomplishment is if one manages to desensitize oneself off the sick jhin chako jhin icici song and the loads of adds that one has to hear while waiting.

Cheat the system by using the nri number  or wealth management no.

Netbanking is the best service offered by the bank, that is if u manage to get it to work. Remember ur atm/debit card no is ur login, not ur cust id.

Pray that the branch doesnt bungle up, and the courier manages to mail you ur password, else ask for a branch collect as  i had to do after 2 attempts.

Branch Banking: Find a good branch to bank with , some branches are pathetic at service. Be meticulous at record keeping and escalate complaints with the BM if the bum in the blue salwar has messed up ur mundane task.

Customer service/ Email: Please dont shy from escalating ur complaint to a higher up as soon as possible. Dont waste your time with low level customer officers, they most often than not dont know their job

That said , rethink your decision of opening an account with ICICI bank in the first place.


10 thoughts on “ICICI Bank Customer Service

    1. oh nothing
      im loosing interest in icici bank
      the service is slipping for a privilege investor than think about how bad it is for the aam investor?

  1. I took a loan two years back. The agent did not give the check to the bank. they never took the money from the account and now my credit score has gone down.

    I am talked to two or three managers, visited their loan offices many times, I am ready to pay the loan back, the full amount now, provided they can get rid of the interest they have put extra, because it was not my mistake

    no one wants to help !!! even the managers !!!!!

  2. Dear Author,

    We are from the customer service team at ICICI Bank. We are sorry to hear about your experience. We would like to assure you that maintaining good customer relationships and providing the best service possible to all our customers is important to us. We try to reach out to our customers in every way. If any of our customers are facing some issue they can write to us at care@icicibank.com and we’ll make sure that that grievance is solved.

    ICICI Bank Customer Service Team.

  3. Dear Author,

    We are from the customer screw team at ICICI Bank. We are so happy to hear about your experience, as people like you make for good jokes at lunch time in our cafeteria. We would like to assure you that we love enjoying at the expense of good customer relationships and robbing money and peace of all our customers n every possible was is important to us. We try to rape and defile our customers in every way. If any of our customers are facing some issue like idiots they write to us at care@icicibank.com (which is a dummy account) or premium@iciciank.com (manned by the same high school failed girl/guy who checks helpdesk@isuckisuck.com) which is also used to send canned responses and we’ll make sure that the best office jokes and gags are designed out of your grievance.

    Try Us Yourself and Believe It

    ICICI Bank Customer Screw Team.

  4. I am Dipak Tijoriwala My saving A/C no is 00110***.I applied for net banking password.My ref.no.is SR206735674.Irecd. a mail from u stating that I refused to accept delivery of my net banking password through courier.In fact I hv not recived any document from u through courier.The person might hv delivered the document to some other place.I want net banking passwored urgently so there is no need of refusing the delivery of documents. Pl do the needful in this matter and issue me a fresh net banking password. Thanking You ,D. K. Tijoriwala

  5. Sir me Mariappan rajasegaran NRI a/c holder of icici bank narimanpoint a/c no.000401425898
    but without any notice they closed my account no problem for me i can open a/c some other bank
    last week i have send draft but returned i would like to know the reason
    Thanks in advance
    Id. mr_segar@hotmail.com

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