3 thoughts on “Demat Account Cosure and Transfer.

  1. what are the documents i should have(or should take from depository participants /nsdl/cdsl) (documents like NOC or closer letter or anything else) to make sure that my d-mat account is closed totally Even want to close trading account… Plz guide.. Plz help Wid steps to be followed from start to end

  2. Generally dps and trading accounts are different horses .
    if u have a 2in1 sort of account take the closure form both for dp and securities ac
    or draft a letter stating closure for both very clearly , while submiting it , take an acknowledgement from the company on the cc copy and keep it carefully
    so that u can refute further claim … it is better to have an exclusive savings ac for such dual accounts so the company doesnt misuse ur poa for debiting charges illegally. and it is better to close such account with the demat ac.
    if the co does not acknowledge then send it to them via redg post ad. and keep the ad carefully

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