Adsl Problems?

Are u facing ADSL problems? Weak DSL signal? Frequent disconnections?Line disturbance in your phones?

The most likely cause is a bad line or improper wiring, is the tambaku eating wireman that has no clue about wiring for dsl connections. Other causes could also be long wire lengths, poor connections, multiple wires, multiple connectors, improper grounding and other variables.ADSL modems are good at working around noise on the line, but do so at the expense of top download speed and latency (delay).

So the most important thing to tweak a dsl connection is to split the signal from the incoming wire into POTS(low-pass) and ADSL (high-pass) as early as possible or at every telephone connection using an ADSL splitter.

The circuit diagram goes something like this.

The other problem could be bad wires (cut , crushed shorted etc) or poor quality crimping of lan wires, which can be rectified by substituting the wires. If nothing works try using another ADSL router or analyzing  the stats/data  from the modem.


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