Masala Lemon Tea

Masala lemon tea is something i tried for the first time during rush hour in a mumbai vegitable market, and i really loved it.
It is great especially during those weather changes , and helps keep the throat clean especially when u have a sore throat with strep.
So here goes

• 2 Cups water
• 1 tsp Tea powder
• 1/2 a large fresh lemon per large cup of tea
• Lemon grass
• Honey and/or Sugar to taste
• 2 mint buds optional

For the Masala
• Rock Salt
• Jeera powder
• Pepper powder
• Ajwain Powder
• Fennel / Saunf seed powder
• Ginger powder optional

The tricky bit is to get the mix right and im still a bit confused about the exact mix and this is subject to taste. I used for 1 table spoon rock salt 4 medium pepper corns and half pinch of jeera and fennel and a tiny bit of ajwain.

How to make Lemon Tea:
• Put water on heat
• Add tea powder, ginger pwdr, lemon grass, mint and bring to a Boil.
• In a glass take lemon juice and add sugar to taste.
• Add masala to taste.
Pour the tea over it, stir and enjoy!
So do try it and comment


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