Dont ebook on the Air India Website

While most airlines like the Gulf, Emirates or Lufthansa  want to bring customers on international flight to their own ebooking site with lowest fares guaranteed,  the lazy Maharaja or Air INDIA, the country’s perpetually loss making politically controlled airlines wants people to pay more for ebooking on their site, while competitors quote far less for tickets ensuring that customers shift base, rendering their site useless.

As most bureaucracies work, the fare changes upwards once u get ur search results. When u press next,  u are welcomed by a message Original fare was no longer available please check new price…

i tried for fare compare then went directly to cox and kings and travelocity site and Air India site.

The fare difference was a shocking 5000+ Rs

Go try it urself and see…


2 thoughts on “Dont ebook on the Air India Website

  1. hey btw i have a wonderful Frequent flyer credit cards. They offer me 3% off (10 miles for every 100/- spend) on any airline.
    and 25 miles for every 100/- spend on kingfisher (about 7%)

    so let me know next time you book an airline ticket.

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