How to Revise or Withraw Your IPO application.

There have been a spate of terrible ipos which have seen a drubbing on listing date, and as we all know, most have been legally manipulated to manage subscription and trap small retail investors.

If you have made the mistake of subscribing to a book build IPO thanks to ur gullibility or the accompanied hype .. u may not be too late to either modify or withdraw ur bid before before the Completion of basis of allotment.
Generally it is best to send via email a detailed modification or withdrawal request preferably on a Bid Revision Form accompanied by a pan card copy to the company’s R&T agents, and follow it up with a hard copy vide redg post or hand delivery.

All withdrawal requests generally received before Completion of basis of allotment will be considered, subject to details being in order after verification .


2 thoughts on “How to Revise or Withraw Your IPO application.

  1. generally the bid form has a bid revision portion , which can be used
    but i think a properly written application with a pan copy should do
    but it is the registrars and agents which will decide what is needed.

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