Making Mango pickle

Making mango pickle is fun and not as hard as u think, and the best part is it turns out really great, with fresh ingredients,  if you take some precautions and u put your heart and soul into it.

To prep first find a good solid glass jar or a porcelain jar and sterilize it and dry it up real good. Then do your shopping.


Mangoes: Pickling mangoes need to be green and hard, the greener and harder the better, and the best ones are roundish, and sour. If you are in India you can get the seller to cut it at an extra cost, because cutting is a tough and time consuming job. (appx 1 kg)


Other ingredients

Sea Salt (1 cup appx  )

Chilli powder : U can mix tikhhalal and kashmiri or use a powder/mix  that suits ur palate. (3/4 cup appx  use more to increase spice level)

Mustard seeds or Rai and Methi seeds (3/4 cup : 1/4 cup appx )

Asafoetida or Hing (1 teaspoon appx)

Turmeric or Haldi (2 tea spoons appx)

Optional Citric acid crystals , fennel seeds etc to taste.

Til oil or Groundnut Oil or Mustard oil  (6 table spoons appx)

Ratio of ingredients and that of the spices and mangoes can also vary depending upon your taste and palate.

Keep everything dry, and start by mixing non iodised sea salt/rock salt/mix of both with mango pieces.   Rest this mix for an hr till the salt melts and then add chilli powder.If possible keep this for a day or two in the fridge for the mangoes to soak up the salt and chilli fully.

Next first roast and then grind methi and rai (by hand is better but more laborious) to a medium coarse mix Let it cool.  Add  the spice mix .

Take some til oil in a kadai and heat it, once hot  switch off the gas and add the haldi powder and hing powder to it , and add it once it is sufficiently cooled down. Now stir everything properly and transfer into your jar.

Now warm some more til oil, and pour it on top, in such a way that it leaves a nice 3/4 inch layer on top of your pickle and your done .

Here is one more (oil free) recipee.


2 thoughts on “Making Mango pickle

  1. Hi Prax, the way you describe it makes it sound like a piece of cake! I am actually tempted to try it myself now! 🙂 I miss seeing the white and brown porcelain jar!!

  2. Priyank it is quite easy not a bit complicated
    but id recommend u to try small with max half kilo uncut mangoes
    I did everything with my tried and tested method of andaza ..or approximation
    didnt strictly follow measures
    u could try asking your mom about ingredients and measures
    or get a loncha masala , which will make life real easy
    but the taste wont be like wow … ive tried it .

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