Mixer grinder / Food processor Indian buyers guide

In the good old times one bought a Sumeet mixer grinder and that was about it.

Now there are so many products and so much competition that one is left confused about which one to choose from a massive range of products.

So how do u choose a mixer grinder?

Kiwi Mixer Grinder

The best option is to ask a good cook amongst your relatives or by asking your local kitchen appliance repairer. Finally when it comes down to it u don’t know a product until you check it, use it, and get comfortable with it .

Ergonomics and Design

There are many factors that go into the decision of buying a mixer.
In a city like Mumbai where a sq foot costs 6000+ a small sleek model is mighty handy and space saving. But watch out for a badly designed mixer that is unstable and dissipates heat improperly tending to overheat and trip quickly.

Price and Quality.

This is a big tradeoff , so find a good mixer which is available at a good price
Check out the safety aspects like earthing and cutout or overload protector and also built quality of body, blades and jars and see how things fit, if the jars are well balanced and not wobbly etc  before you buy a mixer.

Branding and Service Standard:

I don’t believe much in brands, because most often than not brands let you down in terms of service and spares over the long term, especially if they are non standard .. Yes brands do matter but what matters most is a proper study of the product.

Technical Specifications :

The heart of a Mixer  is its motor . Check the

1.  Wattage : Power consumed by motor 350/400/500 /550 /600 /750 watts is normal wattage range for mixers.

2. RPM : 12000-18000 Speed : Rounds/ Revolutions per minute :

3. Motor and Motor rating Rating: in minutes : Higher the wattage more powerful the motor, and slightly more speed or rpm and more quantity processed per batch , but remember, heat and noise increase with increase of wattage. Speed, heat and operating time are a tradeoff you must consider. The higher the speed, higher the heat and rpm. But this decreases motor life overall most often than not. Also remember most mixers have  a 30 minute rating ie generally 5 minutes on and 3 minutes cooloff … so dont run the mixer continuously without resting the motor..

Best option if u make dosa batter and haldi is to get a mixer with a heavy duty motor , and beware most cheap 750 W motors are 450w motors with a peak power of 750w .. my 450 W 1970s mixer aluminum dicast motor is more robust than the current lot of motor brands.

I recommend a 550 W heavy duty motor mixer for home use . To make urad dal batter or tough grinds in bigger batches u need a 600 to 750 W mixer. If u need to do 2 litres at one time buy a commercial mixer above 1000 w

4. Safety : Proper Earthing and Cutout are a must.

5. Standardization of parts: Mixers offering unique jars or are non standard become a headache if one cannot procure spare parts in long term.

6. Quality/Design of Body and Parts: Check the built quality of the mixer and choose the design that suits ur kitchen. A bad quality body which cannot support the motor will soon depreciate . The classic mexican or L shape design is stable , but i prefer the slim tower design as it is less hassle to clean and store. I prefer a sleek design with bottom cordwinder , cleaning a side cordwinder is a mess.

My Recommendations :Caution Check products before purchasing because quality is something that keeps changing. i cannot assure that!

Butterfly Mixers : Well built mixers with great jars. Recommend Ivory Plus, Rhino. Ivory has the best fixed blade mid size jar i have used.

Rico-MG-series : Very Compact , all steel and high speed 650 wt motor.

Roksham Avatar : Good design local mumbai company, similar to sumeet

Boss Excel :  Compact , all steel and 600 wt motor.

Oster Mixers : Good design Well built Mexican import

Anjali MG 3009 or Anjali Regular : Classic design/ good built

Premier : This is one of South India’s quality products

Inalsa Food processors : Best of Food processors / Mixer with 2 yr warranty.

Jaipan: The cheapest mass market products that work.

Sumeet  : A feud in Mathur family killed the brand but new off shoots have made a late and not very successful comeback 1 by  Ajay Mathur 2. Madhuri Mathur 3. S appliances  Beware last of the lot SP Sumeet mixers are so so and not very good.

For more commercial or heavy duty mixers for large workload

Sujata Dynamix 810 watt double bearing mixer

Lords /Anjalimix/Jaipan  etc hotel mixers which are rated above 1000 w

Food Processors 

Biggest positive of food processor is its convenience .. Great for large family chopping and grating etc but it is generally a big hassle to clean a food processor.

1. Boss Food processor

2. Inalsa Food processor

3 Phillips food processor

Also check out Hand Blender : Indian buyers guide


9 thoughts on “Mixer grinder / Food processor Indian buyers guide

  1. I was looking for a food processor and i was so confused to decide which one is the best because there is hub amount of product related to the food processor are available in the market.for that I consulted my friend he is having a shop of food processor repairer and he gave me idea about Lumix food processor.It is best in quality and within in budget .It really satisfied me .

  2. These days food processors come with many accessories. Blades are capable of chopping and mixing even the toughest ingredients. I have a Philips HR7625 at home and it’s doing good as said by Mom. It ranges around 3-4 thousand rupees. One can visit this page for modern food processors.

  3. hello ,
    can you suggest any grinder suitable to make vegetable smoothie . i want to make betroot nd carrot smoothie with pulp in it .

    thank you

  4. I am planning to buy mixer cum food processor. My choice is 1.singer 1000watts mixir cum food processor. For home use only.my idea is steel quality is good.all jars may run for longer time. But I have doubt 1000watts means it gives more speed.i don’t want over speed.my vegetables wil become smash.600watts vS 1000watts which is better pl suggest?and best company to buy? Previous one kenstar.

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