Hand Blender : Indian buyers guide

After mixers its time i reviewed hand blenders…

Id not like to go into the technical aspects of hand blenders as they are miniaturised  mixers.

The best hand blenders are based on the classic german Zauberstab design which i have personally seen and used. They are the most flexible to have and are much more flexible and easy to use and clean than the more jazzy single blade modern Brauns  and Morphys of the world.

The best one can get in India are

Boss range : Turbo, Genius Plus and  Big Boss

Motor: 125/160/200 Watts Universal Motor 12000 r. p.m. comes with a Twin  Speed switch. and the button press models are the safest and hardiest amongst the lot though they do stress the thumb sometimes .

Rico hand blender or Anjali Annapurna

Motor: 150 Watts, 16000 RPM

These are switch based but one has to be careful cause one can slice off a finger if the switch is turned on accidentally while cleaning.


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