Why does the govt want a watered down Lokpal Bill ?

The answer is simple, an active powerful Lokpal has jurisdiction over top bureaucracy, legislature, the Prime Minister and the Judiciary right up to the Chief Justice. He can hold them all to account and bring accountability….

Many decisions are taken with high secrecy supposedly in the interests of the public and the nation. The RTI ACT has exposed the rot in the system, and inner workings of policy making, but the upper echelons of the system are still unaccountable and generally get away with it

A vigilant and honest Lokpal could literally stop the government from governing(profiteering),  because politicians, once elected, forget that they are public servants become satraps in their own right.

Essentially he can shut down the government from decision making i.e. governing… just like the recent exposure of scandals like CWG and 2G has in the last session of parliament.


In Indian democracy, policy making involves  Politicians, their strongmen or bahubalis, industry .. mainly business families, big bureaucrats or babus and sometimes some elements of judiciary and owners of favorable Media houses.

The Radia Tapes are an eye opener…

Wonder how assets of Indian politicians family members grow exponentially  every election declaration, even in recessions they manage to at least quadruple their assets. Bureaucrats also get their pound of flesh from company sponsored foreign trips to plum jobs for kids etc.

Corruption a well oiled machine and oil has to be put at every cog to make the machine run.  Lower bureaucracy is sometimes so brazen that every-ones integrity is for sale for a price, and terrorists can procure passports and ration cards and documents and even the IT refund of a prime ministers adviser has been blocked for the 10% .

Higher judiciary is also tainted if facts show that a high court judge is facing impeachment proceedings, and questions are being raised about an ex Supreme Court Chief Justice.

Read Come clean, Mr Balakrishnan

Was ex-CJI Balakrishnan a fixer? Ex-judge says he was approached

No govt action till a case is filed against Balakrishnan: Moily

Over time nature of corruption has changed from license permit raj and big corruption involves decision making over inputs and raw materials.

There is allotment of land sea, and river for SEZs, mining, excavation, oil and gas exploration etc the list is endless.

Then there is abuse of power so that illegal activities like dredging of river beds , running of saw mills in forests contravening courts orders can continue so as to profit a few.

Ultimately one cannot forget subsidy abuse and policy to keep the vote banks happy, like reservation based on caste and religion, distorting prices with MSP based on election prospects, giving people TVs , mixers, grinders etc for free when u own a media empire and cannot manage to give people 24 hours of power or potable water.

Read Gas pricing: Govt bent rules for RIL, says ex-IAS officer

When the PM and HM insisted on appointing a tainted man to the post of CVC, or when the CBI (which is kept out of RTI act) acted in a manner unbecoming of the premier investigation agency so much so that it gets the nick name Congress bureau of Investigation, whose reputation and credibility gets sullied ?

Naturally politicians in power want power without accountability and want this system to continue. We saw how our khadi wearing politicians,  who epitomize Gandhis 2 bandars See no evil. Hear no evil….  dealt with sleeping protesters and a mentally unstable show totter at the press conference .

It wont be difficult for them to cobble up a coalition of the billing over taxpayer subsidized bisleri, tea and biscuits that will want the current system of unaccountability and inclusive profiteering to continue ..  One seriously doubts if a strong lokpal bill even if tabled will ever get popular parliamentary support.. and that includes the opposition.

But the aam admi right or left of center trusts a clear thinking, incorruptible rebel like Anna Hazare, who has successfully taken on the system and toppled two chief ministers of Maharashtra

For Anna Hazare and his band of merry civil society activists, and for the nation as a whole the coming weeks and months will be extremely challenging as they are going to have to take on the might of a hardened Central govt which has an arsenal of laws like the infamous Sec 144 of the CrPC, and a Police force and SRP willing to do its bidding.

Till then read some interesting quotes on Politics


2 thoughts on “Why does the govt want a watered down Lokpal Bill ?

    1. Hi Biju Welcome
      Well i think that this is an antidemocratic congress led govt that is in minority by itself, and panders to every whim of its allys for survival.
      There is uncontrolled corruption and inflation and it would be voted out tomorrow if we had a better opposition.
      What anna and baba did is purely non violent and gandhian, and very democratic in an indian sense.

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