Sunday morning reads, July 26 2011

T N Ninan: PM-in-hiding
If his govt is paralysed by inaction, and tarred with the corruption brush, it is because Dr Singh has not been true to his instincts, and too timid.

UPA’s legacy: jobless growth
Only 400,000 jobs a year were generated during UPA-1, compared with 12 million annually during the NDA’s tenure.

What really drives the poor
Abhijit V Banerjee and Esther Duflo have brought a rare microeconomic focus to development economics. Steering clear of a yellow brick road out of poverty, they tell us why we should take the poor seriously

Gender inequality? Blame it on the plough
Traditional plough use is associated with attitudes of gender inequality, as well as less female labour force participation, female firm-ownership, and female participation in politics.

Impact of fuel price hike

Experts discuss policy and effects of the fuel price hike

When a bank becomes too cooperative

Maharashtra State Cooperative Bank’s woes are due to its attempt to appease its political masters.


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