Sardar Pav Bhaji is best avoided.

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Sardar Pav Bhaji  (Cost of a pav bhaji under Rs 100)

There was a time when Tardeos Sardar Pav bhaji was counted among the best pav bhaji joints in South Mumbai, with their famous khada bhaji served with regular pavs which used to unmistakably swim in amul butter, something diametrically opposite the shiv sagar chowpatty pav bhaji which was a puree pav bhaji served with tiny pavs.

I was never a fan of excessive butter (especially their butter infused  pavs) so generally avoided eating there, and the last time i had pav bhaji at Sardars, was more than 3 yrs ago.  As i was passing by Tardeo, i felt that Amul bhaji craving and sardar nostalgia and ordered  a bhaji parcel for old times sake and boy i was stunned!

The quality of their lumpy unmashed chunky potato and dried peas proficient bhaji  is now so pathetic that id prefer a roadside pav bhaji to it because  frankly, pav bhaji dished out at some khau gallis is way better than theirs. Worse i suspect whatever the bhaji is floating in is not the signature Amul butter.

So to those nostalgic Sardar fans … i recommend an AVOID!


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