Today is not the day I DIE !

As i was returning home from Crawford Mkt where i had gone to shop, en route from Colaba on a BEST bus winding through rush hour traffic passing by  Zaveri Bazaar,  Opera house  which is 5 minutes from home, as i could hear the buzz of police sirens in the background,  i thought to myself – today is not the day I die.

The synchronized blasts or Haipi buthday Kasab blasts whatever you might call them off Mumbadevi temple at Zaveri bazaar, Opera house and Dadar will very soon be a part of the collective public memory, the dead and the injured a statistic in public records as a failure of our police and politicians to provide people security, just like several blasts that happened in the past. The government will make speeches , but not act, as its machinery will still play ball with the D company whose network is vital in facilitating such activity as well as the flourishing illegal businesses that line official pockets.

I was supposed to goto zaveri bazar to buy some foodstuff, but my hands were too full,  Stop at Opera house ATM of SBI or HDFC bank to draw cash, but i withdrew beforehand to enable the shopping at the market. Id even have to pass by Dadar, because i had to meet a friend downtown , but i didn’t because of the rush hour. Did i stare death in the face?.. No i didn’t. But ponder about the lives of those that did , and that of their families. Wonder if the govt would properly take care of injured and provide for their loved ones or think of taxing the compensation.

Pic Reuters (Reminds me of the BSE blasts )

Img : Hindu

Strangely im more at peace with myself as my friend who heaved a sigh of relief on seeing me is panicking and frantically attempting to gprs family and friends as the mobile network is switched off,  just to check if they are all OK! As we were discussing about the blasts, he said thankfully these arnt that bad, when  i pointed out that one cannot compare blasts by  body-count which he agreed, as that they were all bad for the loved ones of the dead, worse for the loved ones of the injured, no different for lives of the politicians who might just invent another security tier for themselves  z++ ?, and wonder if

  • the madam  will vanish for a few days ,
  • baba will discover another persecuted village in election bound UP
  • the pm will call like minded new editors in a closed door meeting to issue statement,
  • they will argue out loudly in the press about who is communal and who is secular,
  • hear diggi raja accuse  hindu terrorists of blasts to an over eager trp crazy media,
  •  the bjp will take potshots at chidambaram and rightly wonder about why kasab the birthday boy is a govt guest and the parliamentary attacker is still on queue to the gallows
  •  chidambaram will remind them of the nepal hijack and saffron terror.
  • govt will laud The Spirit of Mumbai or Mumbaikar
  • or call them blasts and simply delay acknowledging the terror angle for as long as possible or downplay the blasts … easy because the places are not upmarket enough like Taj and Oberoi.
  • The jihadi network inc or the paki army’s strategic terror division against India would celebrate this as Kasabs birthday…
  • the isi/ rogue isi sponsored jihadis who faced too much heat after the last carnage , is shifting strategy to this time tested lower cost strategy

But i know one thing – Our sucular govt is incapable of action… They will only talk and we all know why.

Today I missed most of the blasts by a few minutes, shared space on that BEST bus with a person who saw the carnage and said that at a lot of people were off there (terminology for died) least 50 people were injured and that there were fatalities at zaveri bazaar, saw the buzz around harkissondas hospital,  heard a loud buzz of police vehicles and actually saw police policing after a long long time.

All said and done this is just another day in the uncertain life of a Mumbaikar.

Mumbai help and others r doin great work! kudos to them


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