The Aftermath of Mumbai blasts 13/7/2011

Mumbaikars love their street food and the places where u get the best street food are khau gallis . Yesterday nite  two of Mumbai’s oldest and best khau gallis were attacked. known for their good fast and cheap food they are forever packed with people. These blasts are not just an assault on the hapus aam admi (diamond trader)but also on his stomach.

Diamond Market khau galli blast happened near my favorite banana chips maker 😦

Most of the people that died there must have been there for that quick snack or evening cutting chai n small talk.

It has been raining the whole day. Panchratna mkt which is always abuzz with activity 11 hrs a day, has never been this sombre. There are the curious onlookers everywhere and Cops  have put up barricades enforcing nakabandi on all 3 sides of the blast site sealed what looks like pandal material thats symbolic of celebrations, ironic isn’t it .

pic guardian

The Khau galli at Zaveribazar  in the lane at Bombay bullion has some of the best local junk food from masala papad to mix bhel  that one can get . The place is in a back alley that is not that very obvious , and makes me have  the strongest suspicion of local involvement.



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