Binu blogs with an agenda.

i had a commentator  Binu Mathew Pulimoottil  who commented on my post  Why does the govt want a watered down Lokpal Bill ?

He seems to be a staunch congress supporter which is fine by all standards. But single mindedness of blogging with a hidden agenda is something i hate.

When i commented on his post

Anti democratic way of getting things done!

i was indefinitely put on mod

Prax Your comment is awaiting moderation.

this was my comment

Bi j nu , This post shows ur naivety, and ur poor background checks….

Ramdeo and his no2 have publicly declared their assets
Congress has pushed cbdt into action.. lets see what comes up
Who Will investigate balkrishnan , sonia , diggi raja , dayanidhi, sharad pawar , praful patel etc?

Every party in power protects someone or the other, check it out yourself , how much illegal dredging is allowed all over india…

Why did dmk do illegal bandh in favor of destroying ram setu … because of lucrative dredging contracts ..
Go to konkan belt in maharashtra , there is illegal dredging everywhere
and who is in power there???

Maharashtra Minister for Transport Swaroop Singh Naik was sentenced to one month’s simple imprisonment along with state additional chief secretary Ashok Khot for contempt of Supreme Court…Why?

Do u know the real story of where the money vanished in the satyam saga and why it was bundled off to mahindras? A hint the cm was deeply involved in maytas…

do u know why the kerosene and naptha oil mafia is protected ?
How are lpg cylinders are allowed to be blacked openly ?
How Pawar managed the agri ministry or about the sugar scam?

1. The hand against corruption is not that of govt .
if it was in mms s hands no action would have been taken against dmk honchos … remember they slept for so long and the rot started with dayanithi mharan not raja…
80% of kalainar tv is owned by amman and who does she represent ? Like most politicians wives she is a front for karuna… doesnt everyone know that?

CBI / Law ministry under the prime minister has gifted quatrocci by unfreezing his accounts (how is he related to sonia?

Govt/pmo controlled has sat on files from dayanidi to hasan ali to kalmadi ….for years on end
The action of Supreme court and people like Prashant bhushan (who is with Hazare ) who filed a pil/ is the petitioner in supreme court…
they started the investigation. 2g Investigation head reports not to cbi/congress pmo but DIRECTLY to the Supreme court /High court bench…

In India every politician who is a known figure, is corrupt, bigoted, communal and pandering to some caste, creed, vote bank or religion …
Most People don’t vote according to party or Rep s competence but vote
depending upon multiple factors from free electricity, tvs mixers and grinders to diktats or from churches temples or mosques or if the Rep is of his caste religion sub caste etc
The way secularism is defined by most parties in India would make Holyoake turn in his grave…
no wonder there is


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