Dealing with Reliance Shares post Demerger

A friend who had been procrastinating on how to deal with her fathers legacy of physical shares, bonds and investments that had remained in his suitcase  for almost two decades as both her mom and she had no clue on how to deal with them , and had trust issues with most agents and brokers enlisted my help. Of all shares to deal with the most challenging was Reliance and ADAG to be specific.

She had 1000  Shares of Reliance Petro which got demerged and amalgamated,  and it got tough to track which certificates were valid and which were not.I think this might help because Reliances RnT agents are legendary for horrible service , and never seem to respond to emails.

1000 Shares of Reliance Petro in 1992= 100 shares of RIL in

100 Shares of Reliance = 200 Shares in 1998 after 1:1 Bonus

Post Demerger and Brotherly Split u should have ….

200 Shares of Reliance  in Mukesh camp

M. which in 2009 become 400 shares after 1:1 Bonus

In Anil camp

1. 200 shares of RCOM renamed from Reliance Communications Ventures Ltd.
2. 200 shares Reliance Natural Resources Ltd (RNRL) renamed from GFVL .
3. 200 shares of Reliance Capital Ventures Ltd (RCVL) and
4. 200 shares of Reliance Energy Ventures Ltd (REVL),

in 2011 they are

A1. 200 shares of Reliance Com,

A2. 50 Shares of Reliance Power = 200 Shares of RNRL post merger.

A3. 10 Shares of Reliance Capital = 200 Shares of RCVL post merger.

A4. 15 Shares of Reliance Infrastructure Energy renamed = 200 shares of  Reliance Energy Ventures Ltd (REVL) post merger.

Worse there is no real consolidated picture and with Anils antics or merger and renaming one has no clue . This means more letters more kyc and more demat charges. No wonder people think fondly of Dhirubhai or  Daddy as he was fondly called by insiders.


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