Real face of Hina Rabbani Khar

The speed with which the country’s media has switched from the Mumbai blasts to focusing on the fashion ista foreign minister of the country which is the fountainhead of terror in south Asia is rather astonishing.It is amusing to note such fetish for external beauty not that we don’t have our very own supply of bimbettes in the news media.

Here is the real, not so pretty face of HRK

HRK in adverse times during the Pak floods

Personally i think she is a smart woman who used her branded accessories and her physical beauty(if u can call her beautiful) to the hilt,  disarming both the Indian politicians and more so the media so much so that the tough questions and the terror attacks were all but forgotten.


4 thoughts on “Real face of Hina Rabbani Khar

  1. Find your post a little contradictory – the important thing is that looks do not matter. Actions do. So, pretty or ugly should be immaterial to the fact that Pakistan is supporting terrorism.

    1. welcome lalita,
      Absolutely agree, i didn’t look at it that way…i was looking at medias focus – reporting about her birkin bag and her pearls, and her feminine charms. What i thought was that she is a smart woman using branded sexuality.
      In any case what did our ministers do? did they ask tough questions ?
      najam sethi called her very amenable and pliable,the main reason for which she was chosen.
      What i saw was our media, govt and politicians being even more amenable and pliable than her.

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