Debating Inflation

It is not shocking to see the stance taken by the CongI UPA Govt in the activities in parliament in today’s inflation debate that after its bitter media campaign by its young guns like Pilot etc being interested in debating inflation.

Mint reports

Attendance was thin in the treasury benches and several senior leaders, including Congress party president and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi and Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi, skipped the first day of the debate in the Lok Sabha.

“Fundamentally, the big structural problem is that the top echelons of power in the Congress party do not take ownership of what is happening in Parliament,” said Pratap Bhanu Mehta, president, Centre for Policy Research, a New Delhi-based think tank.

“This is a very strange situation. Normally, when a debate begins in the House, there is good attendance for both the first speaker from the opposition and the ruling party. Gradually, as debate proceeds, attendance dwindles…Maybe, because, in this case, the motion is something everyone agrees to and there will be no division, fewer MPs were present,” said a former Lok Sabha official and an expert on parliamentary matters, who wanted to remain anonymous.

“This debate on price rise is important not just because it is politically significant but also because it involves the government as government, it involves a larger policy framework. But if the top echelons of the party do not show ownership, the ordinary MP (member of Parliament) is bound to be disinterested too,” Mehta added.


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