Writings on the Wall – Political Slogan morphing

Sonia’s Congress won its second term with  political slogans such as

(Thanks Absolute Arbit)

  1. “Sonia nahi yeh aandhi hai, doosri Indira Gandhi hai”(She is not Sonia, but a storm, she is the second Indira Gandhi)
  2. “Congress lao, Garibi hatao” (bring congress to power, Remove poverty)
  3. “congress ka haath, aam aadmi ke saath” (the hand of congress (their election symbol) with the common man)
  4. “Mehngai nahin loot hai, Bhajpa ki choot hai”( sm1 please help with the translation.
  5. “aam aadmi ke badte kadam, Har kadam par Bharat buland” ( the common man marching, each step strengthening India. Election slogan of congress for elections 2009)

The Current State of affairs have meant

1. Their 1st slogan is almost bang on but more like “eh Sonia to gandi che, doosri Indira Gandhi che”.. she attempts to clone Indira in every action, in her speaking style, policy action,  even in her saris and blouses, worse she has done a one up on  Indira, she has 2 Singhs Pratibha Devi Singh Patil and MMSingh. Indira had only one rubber stamp Buta Singh. This is almost emergency re-dux ..and Sonia has aped Indira even in this dept, with her govts undeclared soft emergency.

2. Poverty (Garibi) has gone up … The govt has messed up the economy.

Read M J Akbar “During UPA rule, 55 million pushed below poverty line.”

3. The slogan of congress “congress ka haath, aam aadmi ke saath” has morphed into (google search)

Congress ka ‘haath’ Quattrocchi Ke Saath!
Congress ka ‘haath’ Corruption Ke Saath!
Congress ka ‘haath’ Hasan Ali Ke Saath!
Congress ka ‘haath’ law-breaking ke saath,
Congress ka ‘haath’ Aatankwadiyon Ke Saath!
Congress ka ‘haath’ Ajmal Kasab ke saath,
Congress ka ‘haath’ Afzal Guru ke saath,
Congress ka ‘haath’ har Pakistani terrorist ke saath,
Congress ka ‘haath’ America ke saath,
Congress ka ‘haath’ multinational companion ke saath,
Congress ka ‘haath’ jamaakhoron ke saath,
Congress ka ‘haath’ kale baazariyon ke saath,
Congress ka ‘haath’ munaafakhoron ke saath,
Congress ka ‘haath’ tax choron ke saath,
Congress ka ‘haath’ mafiaon ke saath,
Congress ka ‘haath’ underworld ke saath,
Congress ka ‘haath’ har rishwatkhor ke saath,
Congress ka ‘haath’ mahangaai badhaanewalon ke saath,

and lastly  Congress ka ‘haath’ aam aadmi ki vaat!

4. “Mehngai nahin loot hai, Bhajpa ki choot hai” has now morphed into

“Mehngai nahin loot hai, chooron ki choot hai” U translate…..
“Mehngai nahin loot hai, corruption ke liye choot hai” U translate…..
“Mehngai nahin loot hai, Sonia ki choot hai” U translate…..  or

5. “aam aadmi ke badte kadam, Har kadam par Bharat buland

the only other morph i can think of is

annaji ke badte kadam, Har kadam par Bharat buland

Well this is the only slogan that fits perfectly in present India but the march of the common man is against blatant massive unchecked corruption, graft and pinching inflation that this govt and its vote bank based entitlement system has promoted.

The movement to put a check on corruption and make the state and system more accountable by India Against Corruption movement and Anna Hazare has woken up the sleeping urban India and shook the foundations of an arrogant party in power, that thought that it could get away with anything.

Guess what  even the post tags in wp hints mismanagement when one wants to tag Manmohan Singh!


7 thoughts on “Writings on the Wall – Political Slogan morphing

  1. Haha… Interesting take on slogans. I liked the whole part abt ‘congress ka haath’.
    But wen you think abt it, i’d still vote for congress over every other party. Its a sad tale, but we are given with two evils and our task is to choose the lesser of the two evils.
    And if all the people supporting anna hazare continue protesting, they would only be exacerbating their problems of unemployment, inflation, poverty, etc. , not solving it!

    1. Interesting take annajohn
      On Congress being the lesser evil. well u have the right to ur opinion. For me a person who voted bjp and congress i think if we compare the term of vajpayee and that of MMS i guess id give bjp a chance because they managed the economy way better … we never had a negative growth rate in context of inflation, people are loosing money in their investments because real inflation is higher than interest rates.
      On Anna Hazare
      Yes but that i think is a short term sacrifice and one has to see the bigger picture…
      The mismanagement of this regime has reached new heights, and the way things are with inflation and corruption how can a person earning 6000 a month or less survive???

  2. Hi,
    What a visionary this person is. No words can praise his visdom. It is 100 % true. But what to do? We have people like MM singh as PM – a useless Bureacrat turned politician- who took the Country to ransom and inflation. An economist who will come to know why what he thought yesterday did not happen today- an expert ah, what a great singh? It is a shame that we have Pms of that sort.

  3. Yes, vajpayee would have made a better PM than MMS. But wud you vote in an entire party for one individual? How can you vote in a party whose statements on religious issues are fanatical at best?
    And, as for corruption, i think what india really needs is to ensure that law enforcement is more efficient around here. Unless that happens, no bill is going to make any difference. And if that were to happen, then this bill would be rather unnecessary!

    1. Come on annajohn,,, u can do better than that…
      first vajpayee was way better a pm than sonia or mms

      Come to think of it, ii think it is more in ur mindset than anything else that is why u only focus selectively on religious aspect…

      There are fanatics in every religion in India , even christianity… moreso here than in europe.
      Having seen christianity in europe, and been to some of the holier places and comparing it with india
      i think that fanatical behavior is ingrained in the system here ,
      the born again christians and the people who bark out loud on megaphones that jesus and prayer meetings will cure u of all ills and the sham of wish wells etc…. will leave some eu citizens confused.

      Religion is also in Congress mindset… and they are no less fanatical in supporting radical islamists..
      Which party has no qualms in supporting a terrorist like madhni in north kerala?
      who takes support from the owaisis of hyderabad?
      Who has tacid understanding with the Muslim ulemas and state funds muslim bodies with even more radical mindset?
      Politicians from congress
      Who turned around the Shah bano verdict? Rajiv Gandhi
      Who opened the gates to the ramjanmabhoomi and flogged a dead issue: Rajiv Gandhi
      When the wikileaks rahul amul babas quotes … it aint difficult as to which vote bank he panders to…

  4. I do not know why people generally feel that BJP as a fanatic religious party. It is a misconception many have. This party only have a policy that all Indians are equal and should be treated equally, is it a crime? After all an Indian must be an Indian. There can not be an Indian of generally deprived lot called Hindus and specially treated Indians like Muslims, Cristians etc.
    Any true Indian who believes in Indianness and a common civil code for India will not object to BJP.
    It is bloody Congress party which believes in apeasement and don’t believe in India’s prosperity is ruling, it is a misfortune for India.
    May MMS live long and destroy India, because then some section of society can flourish, that is what they want at the cost of many Indian’s downfall.

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